From making bank to downing enemies, this x-treme beginner's guide to Radical Heights has you covered.

Radical Heights Beginner’s Guide

From making bank to downing enemies, this x-treme beginner's guide to Radical Heights has you covered.

Released on April 10, 2018, for Steam Early Access, Radical Heights is a free-to-play battle royale shooter developed by Boss Key Productions. You’ll launch into the expansive, open-world sandbox (“SoCal Dome”) and battle against 99 contestants to become rich and famous as the last man standing on an irreverent, 80s-inspired gameshow. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll provide you with the best available tips to help you bolster your in-game efficiency and scavenge weapons, cash, and prizes to emerge as the sole survivor of the Safe Zone.

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Navigation & Controls

Radical Heights employs straightforward shooter mechanics, and mastering the controls early can significantly improve your agility in a firefight. From the game lobby, select Options to set up your preferences and key bindings, or preview the preset control layout from the home screen.

key bindings screen in Radical Heights

Players can also take advantage of three unique navigation tools present in the arena:

  • Trampoline
  • BMX Bike
  • Zipline

Getting Started in Radical Heights

After 90 seconds of trampoline-filled revelry in the warmup room — a holding tank for queued players – contestants will enter SoCal and be dropped from the ceiling in skydiving fashion, so you can strategically select a starting location that complements your playing style. The isolated buildings along the map’s border are good for defense, whereas the centralized towns dominating the dome’s center offer a more intimate setting for aggressive players. Do not land in areas with red designations.

Players are vulnerable at the onset of each round, so securing a weapon and compatible ammo is vital upon landing, particularly as you search for more substantial armaments. If you take oncoming fire, utilize your movement keys to dodge roll, jump, go prone, and weave to improve your chances of survival.

Map & Timers

Radical Heights’ map (hotkey “M”) is organized into panels with three color designations that cycle in accordance with the round’s timer. When the timer expires, the panels change color, and the countdown resets. Red and yellow panels are considered unsafe and will prompt players to return to the Safe Zone.

  • Red Zone: Distinguished by a purple line and wall of static. Inflicts damage over time.
  • Yellow Zone: Unsafe territory that will turn red and inflict damage over time when the timer expires.
  • Safe Zone: Playable territory with no dangerous map mechanics present.

As contestants are eliminated from the game, SoCal’s safe zones will drastically shrink and force remaining players into a confined space called “Final Showdown.” The time allotted to enter the final safe zone is generous, but crossing panels may take longer than expected. Press and hold Shift to expedite your travel time, or take advantage of a BMX Bike.

In-Game Scenarios

One of three special events may spawn that gives players an opportunity to accumulate cash (Radical Heights’ in-game currency), high-performance weapons, and rare equipment.

  • Spin To Win: Two carnival wheels will drop at random locations. Stop the wheel to win a prize.
  • Cash Drop: Stand inside the area to gain money over time.
  • Special Delivery (Bike Race): Use the bike provided and race to a point on the map before the time expires to win a prize.

a Radical Heights player adorned in 80's garb stalks another player in Radical Heights

Cash, Weapons, Equipment & Upgrades

Cash is king in Radical Heights, and accumulating large sums can give players a competitive edge. Stockpile reserves over several rounds using the ATM, or withdraw cash in denominations of $100 to purchase weapons from Top Gunz, such as the versatile AUG A1, or you can buy low, medium, and heavy equipment from RH Gear. Typically, cash is obtained by destroying cash registers, downing contestants, looting, recycling weapons and items at Cash Back, or stepping on the Mystery Door’s platform to unlock several prizes.

Players begin each round with one of three weapon and item slots available, which can be unlocked with Weapon Slot Unlock and Item Slot Unlock upgrades.


There are two methods to healing your character in Radical Heights: medical supply kits and Urgent Care. Medical supply kits vary in restoration yields, as some may restore a small percentage whereas others will recover full health. For players with a lot of cash on hand, be sure to visit the Urgent Care machine to heal up small portions of health for $50.

Unlocking Cosmetics

As an incentive to explore the SoCal arena, players can discover and unlock up to three pieces of cosmetic gear per round, thereby making them available for purchase via the Prize Store. While most cosmetic items can be purchased using Rad Gems, discovered items can be acquired with in-game currency.

Following these tips will help you rack up victories and significant cash for some x-treme customizations. Be sure to stay with GameSkinny for more news, tips, and guides on Radical Heights.

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