Raft: How to Get Bait

Catching fish without bait is impossible in Raft, so here's how to get bait for fishing.

Catching fish without bait is impossible in Raft, so here's how to get bait for fishing.

The latest update for Raft introduced three new types of fishing bait to the game: simple bait, advanced bait, and expert bait. All three types can be purchased at the Trading Post, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. You’ll need to increase your reputation, too.  

Each of the three types of fishing bait are available at different tiers of any available Trading Post:

  • Tier 1: Simple Bait.
  • Tier 2: Advanced Bait.
  • Tier 3: Expert Bait.

All three types cost 1 Trash Cube, but you must also have enough good reputation at the Trading Post to unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3. The only way to increase your reputation is to sell raw fish to the Trading Post.

Unlock Tier 1 Bait

To purchase your first bait at the Trading Post, you must:

  1. Craft the Recycler (if you don’t know how, check out this guide).
  2. Make at least 1 Trash Cube at the Recycler.
  3. Go to any large island with Trading Post.
  4. Purchase Simple Bait for 1 Trash Cube at Tier 1.

To use the bait you just purchased, craft either a Wooden Fishing Rod or a Metal Fishing Rod. Here are the recipes:

Wooden Fishing Rod crafting recipe.

  • 6 Wood Plank.
  • 8 Rope.

Metal Fishing Rod crafting recipe.

  • 8 Rope.
  • 3 Scrap.
  • 1 Bolt.

Unlock Tier 2 Bait

Once you have your fishing rod and your simple bait, equip them and go to the closest water source. Select the bait using RMB and press LMB to throw or reel in the bait.

You can now sell the fish you catch at the Trading Post, which will increase your reputation and unlock Tier 2, where you can buy the Advanced Bait.

Unlock Tier 3 Bait

Repeat the same steps as with the Advanced Bait, and you will catch better fish, which unlocks Tier 3 at the Trading Post, where you can finally purchase the third and final Expert Bait.

The fishing drop rates are the following:

  • Raw Pomfret / Raw Herring: 25.49%
  • Raw Tilapia / Raw Mackerel: 18.91%
  • Raw Catfish / Raw Salmon: 3.29%
  • Candle Bottle / Old Shoe: 1.63%
  • Lucky Cat / Scrap Mechanic Duck: 0.66%

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