Raft: How to Unlock All Characters

There are four new unlockable characters in Raft: The Final Chapter. Find them all with the help of this quick guide.

There are four new unlockable characters in Raft: The Final Chapter. Find them all with the help of this quick guide.
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Raft has left Early Access and hit 1.0. With the release, there are now four new playable characters in the island-hopping survival game: Tala, Johnny, Elaine, and Shogo. Though you’ll still start with the default playable characters, Maya and Rouhi, you can unlock these new additions. 

This guide will tell you how to unlock all characters in Raft. Each of them can be found in different chapters during the main story, so you shouldn’t miss them, but if you’re wondering, here’s what you need to know. 

How to Unlock Tala

Tala can be found in the Radio Tower (and finding the building will let you start crafting Trash Cubes, too). Once you’re there, go to the top floor and speak to her. Here’s what you need to get to the Radio Tower: 

  1. Craft Research Table.
  2. Craft the Receiver.
  3. Craft three Antennas.
  4. Connect the Receiver and the three Antennas on the raft.
  5. Go to the location displayed on the Receiver.

How to Unlock Johnny

Johnny is on the island of Balboa, the third island in Chapter 1. There are three Relay Stations on the island, known as Relay Statiosn #2, #4, and #6. Johnny can be found on top of the last Relay Station #6 in the northern part of Balboa. Just speak with him to unlock him.

How to Unlock Elaine

Elaine is in Tangaroa City, which is the second island of Chapter 2. To finish the second chapter, you must go to the Main Tower in the center of the city. If you go to the very top of the tower, you will find Elaine sitting in one of the chairs. You can easily reach this area by using the elevator and walking through the doors to your left.

How to Unlock Shogo

Shogo is the final playable character in Raft. They can be found inside the cryo chamber in the Temeprance reactor room. Temperance is the second area of Chapter 3. It is a giant, snowy island that can be traversed using a snowmobile. Follow these steps to locate Shogo:

  1. Go to the Observatory.
  2. Enter the Selene Research Facility.
  3. Go downstairs into the Reactor Room.
  4. Turn left and enter the Cryo Chamber.

You will see Shogo frozen in one of the capsules. Interact with the capsule and revive Shogo. After speaking with him, he will be added to the list of playable characters. That’s everything you need on how to unlock all characters in Raft.

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