Rage of Demon King: Blade of Hashira Tier List Guide

Choose only the best heroes for your team using our tier list guide for Blade of Hashira.

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Blade of Hashira, also known as Rage of Demon King in Asian markets, is the latest mobile game based on Demon Slayer anime series and is now available on global. It allows players to create teams of heroes that fight against the hordes of enemies and demons during turn-based combat. Our tier list guide will show you which characters are the best in Blade of Hashira, including their most useful skills.

Blade of Hashira: S-Tier Heroes

Giyu Academy Ver.

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Giyu has one of the strongest Turn 1 attacks in the game, but what makes him especially great is the Ninth Form ability that specifically targets enemies with the lowest HP. In this case, he has a higher chance to quickly defeat selected enemies, and his damage increases significantly by 374% at Level 3.

His best passive skill is Emotionless, which actually prompts you to attack first. If you choose him to be the first attacker among all allies, then his critical chance increases by 15%. But I also noticed that if you don’t choose Giyu to be the first attacker, his base attack gets stronger anyway, though without the critical bonus.


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There are two types of Kyojuro in Blade of Hashira: one is a DPS hero, while this one is focused on defense. His HP pool is huge, but his defensive skills are even more useful. His Flame Tiger skill, which grants all allies immunity to all physical attacks for two turns. Nothing can touch them!

Kyojoru’s best passive skill is Flame Breathing Guide, which grants one of his allies with the lowest HP a boost of 200% HP. What surprised me the most is that this trigger occurs at the start of each turn and costs you absolutely nothing.

Blade of Hashira: A-Tier Heroes

Shinobu Academy Ver.

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Shinobu may not have the highest ATK or HP, but her support skills can really change the course of the game. For example, her Butterfly Dance: Caprice ability does three things at once:

  • Attacks three random enemies for 187% damage.
  • Heals all of her allies for 142% of her ATK.
  • Boosts the SPD and ATK of all allies for two turns.

But that’s not all, as she also has a cool debuff skill Insect Dance. It inflicts enemies with the Venom Flower, which basically makes them take 30% more damage than usual.

Rui Lower Rank Five

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Although Rui is classified as a defense hero in the game, I wouldn’t mind using him as a solid DPS due to his powerful Bleeding skills. If you swing with his Cutting Thread Cage attack, he’ll be able to deal 150% damage to all enemy units, causing Bleeding that lasts for two turns.

His Thin Threads skill was especially exciting to me, as it saved Rui from dying. So whenever he receives a death blow from an enemy, he immediately revives himself with 55% HP and 30% damage resistance. Although he can do this only once per battle, it’s so worth having him on your team.

Blade of Hashira: B-Tier Heroes


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Tamayo is a decent healer and an okay attacker. She has one particular skill that can really make some waves in your match-up, and that’s her Blood Tag ability. Each stack of Blood Tag applied to an enemy reduces their damage and debuff resistance. On top of that, enemies will constantly lose a small amount of HP each turn, which basically serves as poison.

She’s not exactly the type of supporter healer you’d want to see on your team, but if you like sneaky damage, then Tamiyo might just work for you.


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Gyutaro may have more base damage than Giyu, our S-tier hero, but his skills aren’t nearly as exciting. However, I wouldn’t discard him completely, as his Rotating Circular Slashes AoE attack is quite powerful, dealing 150% damage to all enemies.

There’s just too much RNG involved with Gyutaro, despite having so much damage. His Twin Sickles abilitytriggers one of the three random effects that could be either offensive or defensive, and that’s just not exactly what you want in a game like Blade of Hashira.


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Daki’s Multi-Obi skill is very similar in application to Gyutaro’s AoE attack. But there’s also a 30% DEF bonus added to all allies, so it could be considered slightly better in that regard.

But Daki is mostly useful as a tanky hero with that massive HP pool and an Obi Slash taunt ability, which redirects 20% of all damage dealt to allies onto Daki. The one thing that I liked about this skill is that Daki immediately counterattacks when she absorbs all that ally damage.

The rest of the characters fall into lower tiers and aren’t worth your time. Those are the best heroes in Blade of Hashira. Stay tuned for more Blade of Hashira tips and tricks articles right here.

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