Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Operator Loadouts

You can optimize your playstyle for each Incursion using these best loadouts in Rainbow Six Extraction.

You can optimize your playstyle for each Incursion using these best loadouts in Rainbow Six Extraction.
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A quality incursion in Rainbow Six Extraction starts with your best loadout. A well-designed build sends you into the field with tools appropriate for your objectives, as your weapons and REACT gadgets work to help you get the job done.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this Rainbow Six Extraction guide for the best Operator loadouts and kits for some of the most common approaches to Incursions. Here is the gear you should be going after first.

The Best Operator Loadouts in Rainbow Six Extraction

Max Stealth Bundle Loadout

In R6E, many of the Incursion objectives are easiest done undetected. Building a stealth kit means your loadout helps you remain unseen, but you know where all the nearby hostiles are located.

Start this loadout with suppressors on your primary and secondary weapons (it’s one of the best attachments for a reason). Now you can shoot chimera without giving your position away. Bring along a recon drone, and tag every Archæans around you. Smoke grenades will allow you to block the vision of your enemies, enabling you to sneak past or confuse a room full of enemies and eliminate them in the chaos.  

The Loud and Proud Build Loadout

Maybe your Incursion objectives force you into open conflict with the Archæans, or maybe you just feel like inflicting some violence. Either way, this is one of the best loadouts for either occasion.

Shotguns do massive damage and can be used to blast right through some walls, opening paths for you and your team. Enemies will come running, so an armored vest to reduce damage is a must. Bring along Field Wall grenades with this loadout, and enemies will have to come right up to the business end of your gun to do any damage. This kit makes you a high-impact juggernaut, with total control over the range of battle.  

The Marathon Kit Loadout

Some Incursions, especially at higher levels, become wars of attrition. Resources become scarce, and you need to carefully manage your health. That’s where the marathon kit comes in.

This loadout starts with a suppressed primary gun; you will want to have say over when and where battles happen. Now equip scan grenades. These will reveal enemies to you before you breach rooms, and locate any nearby supplies.

The most important piece of this loadout, however, is the Anabolic Accelerant. Anytime your total health drops below 50 points, this handy tool will slowly regenerate bonus health. No matter how much damage you take, you will always bounce back as long as you don’t drop to zero. That means you can keep fighting the good fight, until time runs out or the job is done.  

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