Rainbow Six: Extraction Sludge Guide

Follow our guide, if you want to know how to detect Sludge and kill it without dividing in Rainbow Six: Extraction.

Follow our guide, if you want to know how to detect Sludge and kill it without dividing in Rainbow Six: Extraction.

There is a lot to do in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction, and one of the most elusive challenges that players get really annoyed with is the San Francisco Sludge challenge, which requires players to find Sludge and kill it without dividing. This creature is really hard to come by, and for many players the issue with Sludge not spawning is a big one.

Our guide will show where exactly you can find Sludge and provide you with tips on how to kill it without dividing in Rainbow Six: Extraction. Fortunately, there is a specific location and setting, which allows you to see Sludge more often than in any other case.

Where to Find Sludge in Rainbow Six: Extraction

Sludge is a type of Archaean bio mass, which spawns randomly on the map. It’s an orange blob of alien goo that can be found on the walls, ceilings, and floors. This thing can spawn into several more creatures, so it’s important to get rid of it before it divides.

Follow these steps, if you want to find Sludge almost every time:

  1. Select “Quick Play” in the game’s main menu
  2. Choose “San Francisco” region
  3. Select “Tenderloin” neighborhood
  4. Choose “Cautious” threat level
  5. Start the mission
  6. Walk upstairs into the Punk Club
  7. Detect Sludge on the ceiling or walls

It is important to select the Cautious threat level, as it allows for low-level Archaeans to spawn more frequently, and Sludge is exactly that type of creature.

It is possible that you may not get Sludge the very first time, so just extract and restart the level with the same settings listed above until you get Sludge. It shouldn’t take you more than a few times.

How to Kill Sludge Without Dividing in Rainbow Six: Extraction

One of the challenges will require you to kill Sludge before it divides into several other organisms. Here are a few tips on how to manage this once you find Sludge:

  • Try to not alert Sludge with your presence.
  • If it starts moving, it means that you were detected, and the challenge will fail.
  • Use a shotgun or a grenade to kill it at once, before it detects you and divides.

If you find Sludge on the floor, then it can get alerted really easily, but the ones on the ceilings are less alert, so try to find one on the ceiling to be able to complete this challenge.

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