Red Dead Redemption 2: Infinite Money Glitch With Gold Bars

Tired of being dirt poor all the time? You can sell an infinite number of gold bars for a whopping $500 each!

Tired of being dirt poor all the time? You can sell an infinite number of gold bars for a whopping $500 each!
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Players are consistently surprised at how many new elements and areas there are to discover while exploring the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, but one of those most surprising is an unexpected glitch that lets you earn infinite money.

By taking advantage of a save/load bug, you can sell a huge number of gold bars and then easily fully upgrade your camp.

Exploiting this glitch very much goes against the spirit of the game, since it is intended that your gang struggles to survive in the early portions of the story.

If you get tired of being poor all the time though, we explain how to get an unlimited amount of funds below. Note that this will very much be a limited time option, as there’s no question it is going to get patched out at some point down the line!

If you’ve already nabbed the gold bar shown below, check our gold bar locations guide to find more. 

Exploiting The RDR2 Infinite Gold Bar Bug

The quickest and easiest way to exploit the Red Dead Redemption 2 infinite money bug is to head to the burned down village of Limpany, which is found just to the southwest of the main Horseshoe Overlook camp.

Before heading there though, note that this glitch only works if you turn autosave off. You can do that by heading into Settings, then General, and turning off the autosave feature.

Be sure you also aren’t currently wanted by law enforcement or being chased by enemies, as these will both screw up the whole process and prevent the glitch from working.

With that out of the way, head into the burned down sheriff’s office and look for the desk in the corner. Inspect the lockbox found beneath the desk but don’t open it or take anything out of it yet.

When the “Take” option appears for the box to grab a pamphlet or a gold bar, head to the game’s main menu and select Story and then Save Game. Save in any slot and select Yes when the Alert appears on the screen.

While still in the Story menu, back out one screen and head over to Load Game and then load the save slot you just created. You will spawn randomly at a location near Limpany (usually on the bluffs just above or by the river just to the west).

Note that if you didn’t turn off auto save, you will get a new Alert asking you to overwrite your data. If this happens, choose No and then Yes to prevent the autosave feature from ruining the glitch.

This part is critical — do not open the map or menu in any way, and walk or ride back to the sheriff’s office in Limpany. Walk up to the lockbox so the menu appears in the lower-right corner. Choose the Take option repeatedly to pick up an endless supply of gold bars.

The number of bars you can carry at one time via this glitch is dependent on your satchel, so this is more efficient later on when you’ve crafted some upgrades.

Now go sell the gold bars at the Fence (or contribute them directly to the camp) for $500 a pop.

You can then repeat the process again by returning to the box. Close the box (rather than taking anything) and then re-open it. You should now see an option to take a pamphlet instead of a gold bar. Simply save, reload, and do it all over again.

Although this Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat is easiest to perform at Limpany due to its close proximity to Horseshoe Overlook, you can take advantage of this glitch with any gold bar found in the game (or nearly any item found in a lock box in a similar fashion).

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