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Remnant 2: Controller or Mouse and Keyboard? Which is Better?

Using controller over keyboard and mouse and vice versa in Remnant 2 is an important choice. Here's ours.

As a shooter, Remnant 2 is perfectly playable on both controller or keyboard and mouse. Though your input device of choice depends on your personal preference, you may be wondering which is better. This sequel asks a lot of you, requiring a lot of fast, pinpoint movements on small targets, so if you’re more comfortable with one type of input over another, you might be surprised how much more effective you are with another.

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Remnant 2: Controller or Mouse and Keyboard? Which is Better?

If I were to give one suggestion to PC players, mouse and keyboard is the best way to play Remnant 2. That’s primarily because many of the engagements start at mid-range. Even when they don’t, the enemies can move behind you so quickly that even the auto-spin might not be enough. Should you only have a controller, I’d experiment with turning your sensitivity up if possible.

This advice is in addition to the aim assist you’ll get when you’re on sticks. Speaking for myself, I know several boss fights would have been essentially impossible had I been using a controller. The speed of mouse and keyboard in some more intense fights, especially pinnacle bosses where the arenas are a bit too small and the enemies/projectiles are too numerous.

That said, if you’re familiar with fast-paced controller aiming in a game like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, or Fortnite, you’ll likely be fairly well-equipped for Remnant 2. Understand, again, that engagements in some of the more open areas can be at medium to medium-long range and that boss arenas can be far more unforgiving in size than in Warzone, for instance. Verticality is also not usually a concern, as most of Remnant 2‘s maps are flat.

So, to answer the question shortly, I think you should use mouse and keyboard in Remnant 2 because you’ll want as much freedom with your aim as possible. If your controller’s sensitivity is already on the higher side and you’re comfortable with it, sticks will probably work just fine. If you have a PC that can run the game or a console and a compatible keyboard and mouse, I say give them a try.

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