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Remnant 2: How to Beat Kaeula’s Shadow Boss

Here's how to beat Kaeula's Shadow in Remnant 2, a frustratingly tough boss found in Yaesha.

Yaesha is full of powerful and difficult enemies, but perhaps none more so than the boss you come across in Kaeula’s Rest. The subarea will seriously test your skills, pitting you against tough mobs and strong elites in unfavorable terrain. But after picking up a key item at its end and returning to the central portion near the World Stone, you’ll run into the big bad, ready to bring your progression to a halt. Here’s how to beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2.

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How to Beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2

Here’s how to beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2. Doing so gives you the Tear of Kaeula Ring, which Increases Relic capacity by two while equipped. You can give it to Meidra in Yaesha for the Sorrow handgun (though I would keep the ring since the Sorrow is, well, pretty sorrowful).

  • Pay attention to the ground. The shallows are marked with purple leaves.
  • Run from the tentacles Kaeula’s Shadow spawns in each phase, and dodge roll away (in the direction you’re running) about three seconds into your run to skirt their ground pound.
  • Keep distance between you and the boss to avoid its powerful three-hit axe combo/tentacle spear.
  • Run away from Kaeula’s Shadow when it burrows; dodge/roll away when it emerges.
  • Use the pillars in the arena as a defense against the boss’ wave attack that begins in Phase 2.
  • Quickly kill the tentacles that appear between phases; avoid their horizontal swipes and ground-pound attacks.

If your playthrough is the same as mine, you’ll get a key item from the end of Kaeula’s Rest and return to the central boss arena near the World Stone checkpoint. A cutscene will play, and Kaeula’s Shadow will appear. The goal of this boss fight is patience and survival. You simply have to outlast the behemoth. Unlike the Mother Mind battle, there are no additional mobs. For Kaeula’s Shadow, I ran the Medic class, making use of the Wellspring skill to heal +12HP per second.

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Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Fight Strategy

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The primary strategy here is to run, dodge, turn around and shoot. Keeping a safe distance from Kaeula’s Shadow at all times drastically increases your survivability. During my time fighting the boss, its tentacle lunge and tentacle swipe attacks consistently clipped through the pillars in the arena. To damage the boss, shoot it in the orange glowing spot on its chest.

Pay Attention to the Ground

There’s shallow and deep water in the boss arena. Deep water reduces movement speed and keeps you from rolling. The shallow water is marked by purple leaves on top of the water. I’d suggest learning where the shallow areas are before fighting Kaeula’s Shadow, but you’re reading this guide, so you’re already fighting the boss.

Tentacle Spawn 1

Kaeula’s Shadow will randomly spawn a single tentacle from the ground right next to you. Don’t waste your bullets on these. Instead, run away from them, then roll in the direction you’re running about three to four seconds into your run to avoid the inevitable ground-pound attack. These tentacles will despawn automatically after a short time. Instead, take this time to damage Kaeula’s Shadow.

Burrow Into Tentacle Lunge/Swipe or Axe Combo

Typically after spawning a tentacle, but sometimes not, Kaeula’s Shadow will burrow into the ground and beeline it to your location, popping up where you’re standing. As it gets close (you can see debris and dust along the ground, showing its path), run away.

When you hear the boss surface, roll in the direction you’re running, going at a bit of an angle if you won’t fall into deep water. This should avoid the tentacle lunge attack, though it’s not always a surefire tactic. Further, don’t get too close to Kaeula’s Shadow because it will attack you with a devastating three-hit axe combo.

Tentacle Spawn 2

Between each phase, Kaeula’s Shadow will spawn multiple tentacles that have the same two attacks as the other tentacles: a ground pound and a horizontal swipe. The difference is that the tentacles have a collective life bar that you must empty. Further, they disappear and reappear across the map. You can’t gain distance to damage them.

I suggest using your sidearm if you have an upgraded pistol with a high rate of fire. Melee attacks are high risk/high reward. Dodge their attacks and focus on one at a time to thin their numbers (especially between the second and third phases when there are many more of them).

Wave Attack

Kaeula’s Shadow begins using a wave attack in the second phase. It’s exactly what it sounds like, with the boss generating a wave of water that comes rushing toward you low to the ground. Generally, the Kaeula’s Shadow telegraphs this attack and does so from enough distance that you can react. I relied on the pillars in the arena to block it. Dodge rolling to the side is an effective strategy, though I wasn’t able to test if you can roll through it a la’ the Ravager’s energy wave attack.

That’s how to beat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for Gunfire Games’ engrossing action RPG. Head over to our R2 guides hub, where we have articles on how to unlock classes like the Engineer, how to get past the locked doors in Vault of the Formless, and much more.

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