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Remnant 2: How to Beat Magister Dullain Boss

Here's how to beat Magister Dullain in Remnant 2, a tough boss found in Losomn.

How do you beat Magister Dullain in Remnant 2? This undead shaman lurks in the Shattered Gallery of Losomn, barring your progress to the lands beyond. He can be a real pain, using multiple long-range AoE attacks, a devastating tongue lash move, and the ability to throw corpses at you that can tank your health. Oh, and there are adds to deal with. Our guide discusses its abilities, strats, and rewards.

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How to Beat Magister Dullain in Remnant 2

Magister Dullain Boss Abilities

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To beat the Magister Dullain boss in Remnant 2, be mindful of its belched globules, Seraph mobs, and spiky lash attack. Your opponent has the following abilities:

  • Poison Globule — Spits out several green projectiles, forming a sludge that deals damage over time.
  • Flame Globule — Spits out a white-hot projectile, creating a flaming patch on the floor.
  • Seraph Summon — The boss will periodically summon two Seraph Spearmen that you need to eliminate swiftly.
  • Corpse Tornado — Funnels all corpses in the area, as well as any Seraph Spearmen that are still alive, before throwing them back at you.
  • Spiked Tongue Lash — This is the boss’ ultimate attack, where its tongue will pierce your character before it gobbles you up.

Magister Dullain Boss Strategy

Due to dynamic campaign progression, your journey might be different. In my case, I fought Magister Dullain in the Losomn: Shattered Gallery dungeon. This was part of the zone’s main quest, one that led to the Dreamcatcher weapon, the Crescent Moon Bow, and the Nightweaver boss.

I found that its globule projectiles and add summons were easy enough to manage. But the fire patches it leaves on the ground can be a nightmare, requiring you to roll to douse the flames. I was also able to sidestep and dodge whenever it threw bodies at me while Corpse Tornado was being cast.

Its deadliest attack, though, is Spiked Tongue Lash. Its tell is a longer wind-up animation. Try not to get caught since you won’t be able to heal through the damage. If you’re below 50% HP, you’ll wind up dead. Just be careful and play defensively, and you should be done with this battle in no time.

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Reward: Tainted Ichor and Corrosive Rounds Mod

The reward for beating Magister Dullain in Remnant 2 is the Tainted Ichor material. It can be exchanged for the Corrosive Rounds mod, which imbues ammunition with acid and increases ranged critical chance by 15% for 20 seconds; shots apply the corroded effect, dealing 150 damage over 10 seconds.

As you can see, the Corrosive Rounds mod is a decent pick, especially if you have fully-automatic weapons. You can apply the debuff with every bullet, almost similar to Hot Shot, except that it causes acid damage.

That’s how to beat Magister Dullain in Remnant 2. Don’t forget that Losomn has other deadly foes, such as the Bloat King and the Nightweaver. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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