Remnant 2: How to Get Iron

Here's how to get iron in Remnant 2, your primary upgrade material in the early game.

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There are tons of upgrade and crafting materials to gather as you navigate the worlds beyond Ward 13. One of the most important is used to upgrade your weapons to +5, increasing their stats to deal more damage, increase range, and a bevy of other attributes. But it can be scarce relative to how much you need for those improvements if you’re trying out multiple arms. With that in mind, you may be wondering how to get Iron in Remnant 2.

How to Get Iron in Remnant 2

There are three primary ways to get Iron in Remnant 2, and an additional method once you reach a certain point in the randomized campaign.

  • Find it in worlds randomly.
  • Find it in world chests.
  • Buy it from Cass in Ward 13.

Where to Find Iron in the Worlds of Remnant 2

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Your main sources of Iron in Remnant 2 will be found in the various worlds you visit, such as Yaesha and N’erud. Look for items with a vertical yellow glow (not to be confused with the low yellow sparkle of Scrap). You can gather anywhere from 1-3 pieces from these item deposits on average.

When you first enter a world, you’ll find what feels like plenty of the stuff. But I suggest exploring every nook and cranny of these areas for it. Iron can be found in buildings, on cliffsides, on top of crates — literally anywhere. Sometimes it’s out in the open, obvious to the untrained eye. However, as you progress, you’ll find it’s often hidden behind an open door or nestled in a crook by a set of stairs.

Find and Open Loot Chests

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You’ll also come across loot chests as you explore. These always have Iron in them. As with the items found in the world, the amount varies and is heavily dictated by RNG. However, I’ve never opened a trunk and not received some. Note: loot chests appear on your map as yellow circles when you get close enough to them, within a few meters or so.

Buy It from Cass in Ward 13

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You can also buy this upgrade material from Cass in Ward 13 for 20 Scrap a piece. However, I wouldn’t suggest spending Scrap on it, especially early in the game when the currency is relatively rare. You’ll want to save it for consumables, weapons, and upgrades themselves. Unless you still haven’t found your main, you’ll quickly graduate to Forged Iron at +5 of the improvement path.

Farm Iron in Adventure Mode

An important thing to keep in mind is that you can get more Iron in Remnant 2 by playing Adventure Mode. Secondary to the campaign, this unlocks after completing your first world. For me, it became available after I beat the Ravager in Yaesha.

It allows you to roll a new world independent of the main campaign, where you can take your primary character (including perks, traits, weapons, mods, etc.) into another instance of a world to farm items like Iron, Lumenite Crystals, and more, as well as Tomes of Knowledge, returning to your campaign with them in tow. I found it’s especially useful since you can drop the difficulty to the lowest level and blast through enemies with your kitted build.

That’s how to get Iron in Remnant 2. While relatively plentiful early on, you may find that locating it becomes more tedious as you play, especially if you’re experimenting with weapons or have several arms you want to upgrade to +5. After that, your search for Forged Iron begins. Look for more Remnant 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

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