Remnant 2: How to Get Meidra’s Doe and Ravager Gifts

Choose the right responses to receive Meidra's Gifts in Remnant 2.

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Have you met Meidra in Remnant 2? This ethereal NPC can be found in a secluded portion of the Yaesha region, whereupon she’ll ask several questions. Our Remnant 2 Meidra’s Gifts guide discusses the answers you could provide, as well as the Doe or Ravager blessing that you can acquire.

How to Get Meidra’s Doe and Ravager Gifts in Remnant 2

The Remnant 2 Meidra’s Gifts NPC can be found in Yaesha – Dappled Grove. Depending on your playthrough, it might take a while to reach it. In my case, I had to advance further in the main quest. From the Forbidden Grove, I had to head through Kaeula’s Rest, Faithless Thicket, and Twisted Chantry, until I finally reached the Dappled Grove.

Meidra’s Gifts: Doe and Ravager Questions and Answers

Once you talk to Meidra, you’ll engage in a Q&A session of sorts. She’ll ask five questions, and each has two answers. Your responses either imply that you have the Doe’s mentality, or the Ravager’s, with the majority result leading to a particular reward. The Doe’s mentality is more protective, though somewhat naive and uncompromising; the Ravager’s mentality is underhanded, though also cunning and practical.

To be clear, I did load a backup save multiple times to see various questions. Unfortunately, there were times when I chose the same reply, but she had a different remark. Below are some examples.

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Do you leave the elder to his fate, or do you attempt to halt the tide at the risk of his life?

  • Use the crystal — Ravager
  • Leave him to his fate — Doe

Do you give immortality to all, or only a chosen few?

  • Controlling the gift is better for everyone — Doe
  • All should share in the gift — Ravager

Do you give up one of your children, or face the threat of enemy soldiers?

  • Give up the weaker child — Ravager
  • Risk death for us all — Doe

Do you spare the scion of your family foe, or kill him to end the war?

  • Kill them — Ravager
  • Spare them — Doe

Do you take vengeance, or turn the scum over to the authorities?

  • Turn him in to the authorities — Doe
  • Strike my sibling’s killer down — Ravager

Do you give the king the means to kill his enemies, or send them away and risk war?

  • Let him kill enemies on his own — Doe
  • Give him the fruit and end the war — Ravager

Do you poison him, or turn a blind eye to his plots of revenge?

  • Turn a blind eye — Doe
  • Poison him — Ravager

Do you abandon your mortal family, or live out your days without your one true love?

  • Remain mortal without my love — Ravager
  • Leave my mortal family for the one I love — Doe

Do you abandon your fellow hostages, or face death together?

  • Abandon fellow hostage — Ravager
  • Face death together — Doe

Do you treat with the rebels, or do you preserve the peace?

  • Speak with them and hear them out — Ravager
  • Preserve the peace by any means necessary — Doe

Do you aid the victims or attempt to destroy the goon?

  • Help the victims — Doe
  • Stop the goon, whatever it takes — Ravager

Do you leave your eldest to the unknown, or risk death in battle?

  • Fight back against the clan — Ravager
  • Leave your eldest — Doe

Do you give him what he asks?

  • Sacrifice the young Pan — Ravager
  • Refuse the god’s boon — Doe

Which is Better: Doe’s Gift or Ravager’s Gift?

Depending on your answers, you’ll receive the Doe’s Gift or Ravager’s Gift in Remnant 2. These are, essentially, unlockable Traits:

  • Doe’s Gift: Barkskin — Boosts your damage reduction; up to 10% at level 10.
  • Ravager’s Gift: Bloodstream — Increases grey health regeneration; up to +3 grey health regen per second at level 10.

Given the above, it’s quite clear that Barkskin is the better option. A 10% damage reduction is a lot better than grey health regeneration, which you won’t worry about if you’ve got enough Relic charges, or if you’re playing as a Medic or Handler. In fact, once I unlocked Barkskin, I immediately reset my Trait Points, just so I could reallocate more points to max out the passive boost.

One more thing to take note of is that, if you already have the Tear of Kaeula from the Kaeula’s Rest dungeon, you can give it to Meidra. In exchange, you’ll acquire the Sorrow hand crossbow weapon.

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Can You Get Both Traits?

You might be wondering if you can get both Remnant 2 Meidra’s Gifts. You certainly can, but only if you’re playing on PC. I should also warn you that this is not recommended, as it might mess up your campaign run and profile. Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to C:\Users\<Username>\Saved Games\Remnant2\Steam\<Steam ID>.
  • In this folder, you should see multiple files, such as three profile.bak files and three save.bak files, as well as and save_0.sav.
  • Before talking to Meidra, copy all of those files and paste them in a separate folder.
  • Choose the answers that you want, and check the Trait that you receive.
  • Touch a fast travel point to force a save, then go back to the character select screen.
  • Copy your previous backup, then overwrite the files in the main folder. When you’re back in the game, you should still be able to do the Q&A with Meidra, even though the previous Trait has already been unlocked.

That’s it: that’s all you need to know about Meidra, the Doe’s Gift, and the Ravager’s Gift in Remnant 2. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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