Remnant 2: How to Respec Traits

Reset your Traits to fine-tune your build in Remnant 2.

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It’s not easy to work up a perfect build in any game, and Remnant 2 is no different. A time will come where you’ll want to respec Traits to better suit your ideal build, and you’ll be able to do it using the information in this guide. You only have so many Trait Points to work with, so let’s go into how to respec Traits to make the most of each one.

How to Respec Traits in Remnant 2

You’ll need an Orb of Undoing to reset your Traits, and naturally you’ll have to go a bit out of your way to get one.

A particular NPC in Ward 13 holds the Orb of Undoing, and his name is Wallace. Wallace can be found atop the metal steps near the shipwreck and is offering the orb, but you’ll have to give some materials to get it. These are:

  • Lumenite Crystal: Dropped often by elites.
  • Scrap: Dropped by enemies or picked up from chests.
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Tips to Earn, Allocate, and Reset Trait Points

The limited Trait Point pool will make respeccing a necessity for most players as they figure out what works best for them, and to adjust to evolving circumstances. You can get Trait Points from:

  • Dropped by world bosses: These are unique encounters found in dungeons in the game world. Some are also required for campaign progression.
  • Tomes of Knowledge: These are found in specific areas, at least one in each overworld map or dungeon.

Moreover, you’ll only have a limited number of selectable Traits at the start of the campaign. In my case, I preferred options like Vigor (increased health) and Endurance (increased stamina). But, there are also others, such as Scholar (bonus XP) and Barkskin (reduced damage), which you can only obtain as you explore other zones.

In fact, the latter, Barkskin, is a reward from Meidra’s Gifts in the Yaesha region. As such, there will be instances when you may have allocated points to a Trait that you no longer want as time goes on.

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Unique Archetype Traits

Similarly, archetypes / classes also have their own unique Trait. During my playthrough, I chose the Medic as my initial class, followed by the Handler as my second archetype. Here’s what happened:

  • I leveled both archetypes to level 10, which is the cap. Their respective unique Traits also ranked up and, at level 10, they could be selected even if I chose other classes.
  • Unfortunately, doing so would reset their Trait ranks to zero. That means I’d have to allocate Trait Points just to have those boosts, or re-equip the archetypes once more.

These are just some key concepts you should know in regards to how to respec in Remnant 2. Feel free to fine tune your build to your liking, but make sure you have the materials that you need. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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