Remnant 2: How to Use Memory Core 2

Here's how to use Memory Core 2 in Remnant 2. The rewards are worth finding it.

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Remnant 2 is full of items that don’t have an immediate or clear purpose. Some you’ll stumble upon and determine that they craft boss weapons or unlock a nearby door. Others you’ll find and not know what to do with them at all. These mysterious objects abound across the game’s five worlds. One such item is deep within N’Erud in the Dormant Facility. Our guide will tell you how to use Memory Core 2 in Remnant 2.

How to Use Memory Core 2 in Remnant 2

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The Remnant 2 Memory Core 2 item is essential for getting the Pulse Rifle. But that’s not its only purpose. While you can’t sell it for Scrap to any of the vendors in Ward 13 or beyond, you can also use Memory Core 2 to get the Core Booster Amulet. I’ve written an entire guide on how to get the Pulse Rifle, but here’s the TL;DR to get that weapon (click the link for the longer, more in-depth version). I’ll also tell you how to get the Core Booster below.

What to do With Memory Core 2: Pulse Rifle

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  • Memory Core 2 is only half of the equation for getting the Pulse Rifle.
  • You’ll also need the Decorum Cipher item. You can find that after the train section in N’Erud, Terminus Station.
  • If you don’t have Terminus Station in your world, reroll Adventure Mode (and cross your fingers).
  • To use Memory Core 2, take it and the Decorum Cipher to Ascension Spire in the Abyssal Rift. It’s where you (possibly already) found the Custodian.
  • Drop down a hole in the floor on the left side and take the elevator down.
  • Insert Memory Core 2 and the Decorum Cipher into the contraption surrounded by purple energy. This unlocks the nearby energy doors and the Pulse Rifle.

I absolutely love the Pulse Rifle. It’s an S-Tier weapon choice that can carry you well into and beyond the end game. It takes quite a bit of work to get, but it’s well worth it. The three-round burst helps you center your shots on enemy weak points, gaining additional damage over other single-shot Long Guns, and it has less spread than something like the Bonesaw. Put a mod like Corrosive Rounds on it and watch it melt health bars.

What to do With Memory Core 2: Core Booster Amulet

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The other use for Memory Core 2 is getting the Core Booster Amulet. Luckily, you don’t have to do anything extra to get it. The Core Booster Amulet is near the same room as the Pulse Rifle. When you place Memory Core 2 into the console, two doors open, with one of them containing the item. You can also get this item only using Memory Core 2. It doesn’t require the Decorum Cipher.

I haven’t personally used the Core Booster Amulet, but I do have it in my inventory — and might start using it after reading the description. It increases Weakspot damage by 50% for 10s after killing an enemy. The Amulet can be deadly with something like Deceit, which has the Ouroboros mod that allows all bullets for a time to cause Weakspot damage. It’s a combination I’d recommend trying out.

That’s how to use Memory Core 2 in Remnant 2. For more tips and tricks, including boss strats, item locations, and puzzle solutions, and more, head over to our R2 guides page.

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