Here's how you get each trait in Remnant: From the Ashes, along with what they do for you.

Remnant: From the Ashes Unlockable Traits Guide

Here's how you get each trait in Remnant: From the Ashes, along with what they do for you.

When you start a new character in Remnant: From the Ashes, they have just a few traits you can improve as you level up. For every level, you receive one trait point to add to any unlocked trait.

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In turn, traits add incremental stat increases to a variety of different character abilities, like reducing your recoil or reloading your guns faster.

Accomplishing different tasks will unlock different traits for your character. The following examines the different traits you can unlock and how they can improve your chances at survival.

It’s still early in the life cycle of Remnant: From the Ashes, so some of this information is… not entirely available as of this writing. We will update this guide as we find more.

Starting Traits

Each character, no matter their class, starts with two traits: Vigor and Endurance. Vigor will increase your health by 2.5% for every point you put into it, while Endurance will do the same for your stamina.

In addition, when you choose an archetype, you’ll be rewarded with one additional trait. The ex-cultist receives the Spirit trait, which increases their mod power generation by 2.5% per point.

The hunter class starts with the Shadow Walker trait, which reduces enemy awareness by 1.5% per point.

Finally, the scrapper gets the Warrior trait, which increases melee damage by 1.25% per point.

Unlockable Traits

Every other trait in Remnant: From the Ashes needs to be unlocked. Here is each unlockable trait, what it does, and how you can add it to your character.

Trait Effect How to Get
Arcane Strike Increases mod power gained by melee attacks by 2.5% per point  Defeat a boss in Yaesha
Bark Skin Increase armor effectiveness by 1.25% per point Wear the Twisted Mask and
speak with the giant glowing
tree on Earth
Catalyst Increase the chance to inflict
status effects on enemies by
1% per point
Cold as Ice Increases damage when attack enemies from behind Earned from the Brabus fight by completing a secret objective
Elder Knowledge Increase experience gained by 1.75% per point Play the tape in the basement
of Ward 13
Executioner Increases critical hit chance by 1% per point Kill Ixillis
Exploiter Increases weak spot damage by 1.25% per point  Kill a certain amount of
monsters by hitting
their weak spot
(current # unknown)
Guardian’s Blessing Melee damage reduced by
1% per point
Earned in a dungeon
Glutton Increases the speed you use consumables by 2.5% per point Kill The Unclean One boss
Handling Decreases gun spread and recoil by 1% per point Obtain many different weapons
(current # unknown)
Keeper’s Blessing Increases elemental resistance by 1% per point Reach the labyrinth
Kingslayer Increases critical hit damage by 2.5% per point Defeat the Undying King
Mind’s Eye Increases ranged damage by 1.25% per point Defeat the Nightmare boss
Mother’s Blessing Reduce ranged damage received by 1% per point Save the Root Mother
Quick Hands Increases reload speed
by 1.5% per point
Defeat the Ent boss
Rapid Strike Increase melee attack speed every level Level up a melee weapon
to its maximum
Recovery Increases stamina regeneration and decreases its delay by
1.25% per point
Defeat the Claviger boss
Revivalist Increases revival speed by 5% per point Revive a certain number of teammates
(current # unknown)
Scavenger Scrap increased by
2.5% per level
Find the Tarnished Ring item and
take it to Reggie
Shadow Walker Decrease enemy awareness by 1.5% per point Pick the hunter class at the beginning of the game, or complete the “Hidden Grotto” dungeon on Earth.
Sleight of Hand Increase weapon swap speed by +2.5% per point Kill 20 enemies by damaging them with one gun and switching to the other to finish them off within 3 seconds.
Suspicion Reduce incoming friendly fire damage Get killed by teammates a
certain number of times
(current # unknown)
Swiftness Increases movement speed Earned through completing
a quest in Yaesha
Teamwork Increases teamwork range by 1 meter per point Join another player’s game or have a player join yours
Triage Increase health regeneration effectiveness by 5% per point Speak with the leader in the Shrine of the Immortals in Yaesha
Trigger Happy Increases weapon fire rate by 1% per level Level up a ranged weapon to its maximum
Warrior Increase melee damage by 1.25% per point Start as the warrior class or complete the Land’s End quest on Earth
Will to Live Increase health while wounded by 5% per point It seems you have to be revived several times in multiplayer to unlock this trait
(current # unknown)
World Walker Reduces stamina costs by 1% per point Enter Rhom


We will update this guide as we find more traits or learn more specifics about unlocking each of these. In the meantime, check out our full review of Remnant: From the Ashes or our other guides for the game.

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