Having trouble renaming any of the cities in your civilization's growing empire? You aren't the only one...

Renaming Cities in Civilization 6 and Other Tips and Tricks

Having trouble renaming any of the cities in your civilization's growing empire? You aren't the only one...

New game, new problems: there’s predictably a decent number of bugs and issues yet to be quashed in the shiny new Civilization VI, from an inability to rename cities to a wonky AI that loves to denounce your civ for no apparent reason at any point in time. Below we cover how to handle some of the most common problems.

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Renaming Cities

Sadly, there’s not a quick fix here, as this is a known bug just waiting on a patch. Yes, its lame that Civilization VI was launched with so obvious a bug that doesn’t seem like it should take that much effort to fix, but it is what it is, and there’s bigger issues to be resolved first.

Those who recently logged on might be leaping for joy seeing a 1 GB update is downloading… but sadly that is not actually the first patch. Instead its the 25th anniversary OST soundtrack files. Yeah, bummer. Good news is that the developer knows about the issue and a patch is slated to arrive soon though, so keep checking back.

Why Does the AI Randomly Denounce Me?

This is actually another known issue, but this problem isn’t always caused by a bug, and other times comes from the Agenda feature. Each civilization’s leader has a specific set of things they like and don’t like independent of how you are treating them.

For instance Cleopatra likes civilizations with a strong military. Even if you aren’t being aggressive towards Egypt or have been trading equitably, they can denounce you if you don’t build up your military forces at all. At this point, it also seems that civilizations in general declare war far less often if you stay ahead on the military front.

Want to keep her happy? Carry a big stick!

Qin Shi Huang dislikes anyone who builds more wonders than China, and may denounce you randomly after building wonders even if you have gone out of your way to accommodate China up to that point. Arabia will denounce you if you follow a different religion or attack followers of the current Arabian religion.

Coming across any other bugs or baffling issues in Civilization VI so far? Let us know and we’ll try to come up with an answer!

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