Learn how to tame creatures and their spirits with the help of our step-by-step guide to Rend.

Rend Guide: How to Tame Creatures

Learn how to tame creatures and their spirits with the help of our step-by-step guide to Rend.
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Creatures in Rend can be your partners and real buddies. They can carry your stuff and fight for you in a battle. But first you need to tame them in order to be able to summon them at your will.

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The process of taming creatures in Rend is a bit more complicated than you would think and requires an access to the Spirit Realm, which is a really cool feature of the game.

If you want to know how to tame creatures and their spirits in Rend, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

Taming Creatures in Rend

Step 1: Unlock Spirit Stables

Before doing anything in the game, you need to unlock the Spirit Stables at your faction’s base. This will allow you to capture and store animal spirits at your base. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open your Research menu by pressing Y key.
  2. Select Mysticism tab.
  3. Click on the Spirit Stable research button.

This will create a Mystic Altar at your base, where you can unlock the Spirit Stables and Taming Workshop. After that you will have an access to crafting all the necessary items at the workshop for taming creatures in Rend.

Step 2: Gather Spirit Residue

When you gain access to the Taming Workshop, you will notice that all the items require some sort of Spirit Residue. It’s an element that can be obtained in two ways.

First, you can gather plants known as Lost Blossom that grant you one Spirit Residue for each plant. The other way is to gather spirits at night. You can find them usually in the bushes and they glow like blue fireflies.

Lastly, you need to deposit your spirits by going to your faction tree and pressing F key.

Step 3: Craft Taming Tools

Now you can start crafting items necessary for taming creatures in your workshop. They include:

  • Taming Crystal
  • Spirit Taming Bow
  • Spirit Arrows
  • Rough Spirit Siphon

The Taming Crystal will help you move the animal spirits into the Spirit Realm. Besides Spirit Residue it also requires a Sunstone Topaz, which can be acquired by mining regular rocks and gathering Topaz geodes.

You also need the arrows and the bow to tame the creatures in the Spirit Realm, and the Siphon can be used to speed up this process.

Step 4: Tame a Creature

After crafting all the required tools, you can start venturing into the wild and look out for creatures you wish to tame. Before killing a creature, hit it with the Taming Crystal from your hotbar so it moves to the Spirit Realm after it dies.

Then, enter the Spirit Realm yourself either through randomly generated portals or by casting a portal of your own using the Rend the Veil talent. The latter method can only be used if you’re a Shaman or you have a Shaman friend who can open one for you.

But if you aren’t a Shaman, probably the easiest and the safest way is to craft a Lesser Totem of the Otherside in your workshop. Just place it on the ground and you will enter the Spirit Realm immediately.

Equip your spirit bow and arrows and kill your creature once again inside the Spirit Realm.

Step 5: Summon Your Pet

Finally, you may exit the Spirit Realm and go back to your base. There enter the Spirit Stables and press O key. This will open the Pets menu, where you can see all your tamed creatures and set the active ones. You can then summon a pet by pressing Z key.

That is all on how to tame creatures in Rend, but be sure to come back soon for more guides right here at GameSkinny!

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