Survive a horde of angry Ganados in the Village encounter in Resident Evil 4 Remake with this guide.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Tips and Tricks for How to Beat the Village Encounter

Survive a horde of angry Ganados in the Village encounter in Resident Evil 4 Remake with this guide.

If you’re wondering how to beat the village in Resident Evil 4 remake, you’re not alone. Similar to the original, this version of the game presents one of the most hectic moments at the start of the campaign. There are, however, some tips and tricks to be aware of that can make this encounter easier. Here’s what to do in the RE4 remake. 

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How to Beat the Village in RE4 Remake

To beat the Village in Resident Evil 4 remake, you’ll need to be mindful of the level’s timer. As soon as you enter the main gate, it will lock inside the area. If a hostile spots you, you’ll have around five minutes to survive. This timeframe can be lowered if you manage to kill a lot of enemies, though you’ll spend a lot of time escaping enemies, too. 

If you’re inclined, there’s a nifty trick that lets you skip the entire Village encounter. If not, here are some tips to help you survive the Village the way it was meant to be played. 

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Backstab a few enemies at the start. After watching the policeman get burned at the stake, go left and crouch-walk along the narrow path. You should see a couple of unwary targets that can be killed by a knife backstab. While more enemies will show up soon enough, you can at least whittle down the pack early.

Speed and mobility are essential. When sprinting, Leon is slightly faster than other hostiles. Likewise, he can vault over fences and windowsills. Use those skills to your advantage. 

Grab the shotgun. The W-870 is the first shotgun that you can pick up in Resident Evil 4 Remake. You’ll find it on the second floor of the house to your left, the one that’s closest to the tower.

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Watch out for the Chainsaw Guy. Doctor Salvador, also known as the Chainsaw Guy or Chainsaw Villager, will spawn once you enter the house with the shotgun or head to the far right corner of the area. His attacks will also cleave through other foes, so try to keep enemies between you and him. You can avoid him if you prefer, or you can attempt to kill him, as he drops a Gemstone.

Be on your guard if you climb up the tower. Speaking of the tower, there’s a Green Herb that you can pick up at the top. However, the floor will collapse, and you might end up swarmed by Ganados when you fall down.

Be on the lookout for herbs, ammo, and other items. As you roam around, be sure to pick up herbs, ammo, and maybe even a grenade. You might not use all of these items in one go, but they’ll come into play as you progress beyond the Village.

Funnel enemies or use rooftops. There are a couple of houses along the left side of the Village that you can use when combating foes (accessible by going out the window of the house with the shotgun). Enemies will still attempt to reach you, but you can funnel them as they climb or kick down the ladders that they position.

With a bit of luck and awareness, you should be able to beat the Village encounter in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are a lot of moments that keep you on your toes throughout the campaign, so be prepared. We have more tips and tricks in our RE4 remake guides hub.

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