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Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways: Cliffside Door Puzzle Solution Guide

Did you hit a wall at the cliff in RE4: Separate Ways? Here's how to solve the door puzzle and get out of there.

The first real puzzle in Separate Ways, the new DLC campaign for the Resident Evil 4 remake, can take new players off-guard. It’s a callback to two particularly tricky locks in the main campaign. However, if you’re jumping straight into SW, it’s hard to know what to do. Here’s the solution to the Separate Ways cliffside puzzle in RE4.

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Speak ‘Un Forastero’ and Enter — How to Solve the Cliffside Door Puzzle in RE4: Separate Ways

During Chapter 2 of Separate Ways, you’ll end up on the rickety wooden paths that separate the village from the cabin to the north. To reach the church, you’ll need to solve one of the Illuminados’ puzzle locks, which is built into a cavern on the cliff’s edge.

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If you’ve played the RE4 remake, you might recognize this gimmick from Chapter 4, where you had to solve two puzzles just like this to get the Apostate’s Head and Blasphemer’s Head.

The DLC’s take on it has a similar set of clues. However, they’re easy to mistake for meaningless graffiti at first glance.

Next to the shut door in the cliffside cavern, you’ll find a dias with eight symbols on it. You can open the door by pushing the correct three symbols, which are spray-painted on walls near and around you.

The first one is to your right if you’re facing the dias, on the wall next to the door.

The second symbol is behind you, on a stone outcropping above the grapple point.

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Finally, the third clue is the hardest to spot. It’s painted in three separate places, so you can only spot the whole thing by going to the opposite end of the highest platform on the cliff and standing in the right location.

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Fortunately, it’s also one of the most recognizable symbols on the dias. So finding even part of it is enough to figure out which one you need.

Push the circled buttons below at 12:00, 9:00, and 4:30 to open the door:

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Once you go through, you can progress through the chapter using the grapple point at the end of the path. This is a point of no return, so be sure to finish the Merchant’s side mission on the cliff before you leave.

That’s how to solve the cliffside door puzzle in RE4: Separate Ways. For more help with the Resident Evil 4 remake, check out our RE4 guides hub.

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