Resident Evil Village Film Puzzle Solution

Splice together a movie of Ethan Winters' greatest hits with this guide to the Resident Evil Village film strip puzzle.

Splice together a movie of Ethan Winters' greatest hits with this guide to the Resident Evil Village film strip puzzle.

As you’re exploring House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village, the game abruptly transforms into a Gothic horror adventure, complete with a series of oblique puzzles that have stopped many players in their tracks. The film puzzle is one of those. 


After you’ve managed to escape the doll workshop and figured out the secret behind the music box, your next challenge involves the film strips on the desk in the study. Here’s what you need to know.


Naturally, this requires the discussion of mild spoilers for House Beneviento in RE8. Don’t read further unless you’re already at this point in the game.


How to Solve the Resident Evil Village Film Puzzle

One of the tricky things about your run through Donna ‘N’ Angie’s Bed & Breakfast From Hell is that this section of the game is very specifically about Ethan and his relationship with Mia. As such, much of the impact and some of the hints require you to have done a bit of exploring at the start of the game, in Ethan and Mia’s house, and to remember what you saw there.


If you didn’t know this, that might have been three hours ago or more, and there’s no way of knowing which pieces of the random information that you can find in Ethan and Mia’s house will have been important later. As such, you may be missing some context here that would make the film strip puzzle easier to solve.


First things first, though. At this point, you’ve solved the music box puzzle to get the tweezers. You can now take them back to the doll workshop and open the mannequin’s mouth to get the film.



If you did any exploring beforehand, you may have spotted the projector on the desk in the study. Head back there now, and you’ll see someone’s set up a series of film strips. Use the film on that to start the puzzle.


Your only clue as to how to arrange this is found in the file next to them on the desk:



That leaves you with five film strips, as seen in default here above (or here for reference):


  • Rose’s best friend in the whole wide world.
  • She really likes this fairytale.
  • The most important thing in the world to us.
  • A wedding gift from grandma.
  • Proof of Ethan’s everlasting love to me. 


You have to arrange them in the proper order to continue.



Film strip #1 is the two pink monkeys. You may have spotted them sitting on an armchair near Rose’s crib back in the house.


Film strip #2 is Village of Shadows, the spooky book Mia was reading to Rose at the start of the game.


Film strip #3, as one might expect, is the photo of Rose.


Film strip #4 is the music box, which can be found at the top of the stairs in Ethan and Mia’s house. If you stop to play it for Rose at the beginning of the game, Ethan will mention to her that the box was a gift.


Film strip #5 is the picture of a hand with a wedding ring.



Successfully completing the “movie” (above) will play a short clip that teases what’s coming next, as well as opening a secret passage in the back of the study. Enter to find the scissors, which also lets you take a shortcut back into the medical room, as well as access one more compartment inside that creepy mannequin.



The best (worst) is yet to come in House Beneviento, but the film strips are the last proper puzzle you’ll see for a little while. Good luck with, you know, things.

Now that you know how to solve the Resident Evil Village film puzzle, keep an eye on our Resident Evil Village page for more guides and tips.


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