Resident Evil Village: How To Unlock The “Goooaaal!” Achievement Or Trophy

Resident Evil Village's Goooaaal! achievement and trophy requires you to move the ball from the Winterses' bedroom to the study. Here's how to do that.

Resident Evil Village's Goooaaal! achievement and trophy requires you to move the ball from the Winterses' bedroom to the study. Here's how to do that.

One of the earliest achievements and trophies that you can earn in Resident Evil Village is “Goooaaal!”, earned by moving the ball from the Winterses’ bedroom into the study. This will reward you with 15 Gamerscore on Xbox, or a bronze trophy on PlayStation. Those just in it for the Challenge Points will get 3,000 Challenge Points to purchase upgrades such as infinite ammo from the Extra Content Shop.

Though this achievement and trophy is very easy when you know how to do it, it’s one that is very easy to miss if you don’t go out of your way to achieve it. Challenge progress is combined across saves in Resident Evil Village, and you’re going to want to use a brand new save for this particular challenge, as it is at the very beginning. With your new save created, follow along with this guide, and you’ll be done in no time.

How to Unlock “Goooaaal!” in Resident Evil Village

Your playthrough begins with the prologue, starting inside the Winters’ household, playing as Ethan. You’re tasked with carrying your daughter, Rose, upstairs and to her crib. After putting her to bed and coming back down to Mia, the prologue will end, and you’ll be transitioned to a new area. For this reason, if you’re doing an achievement/trophy playthrough, it’s highly recommended that you grab all four of the collectibles in the house before putting Rose to bed.

From where you first gain control of Ethan, turn right and head out the white double doors, then left up the stairs. Take a left with Rose and walk to the white door at the far end of the hallway. Interact with the crib in the back left corner of this room to put her to sleep, after which you can start working on this achievement and trophy.

You probably noticed the large yellow ball on the floor next to her crib as you entered. It will be to your immediate left after putting her down, right next to a large colorful die. Position yourself so you are between the door you entered through and the ball. This is the ball you will need to score your “goal” with by pushing it into the study. The study can be accessed through the door in the back right of this room, to the left of the tabletop lamp in the image below.

Maneuvering the ball is as easy as walking into it and rolling it around, though you are going to want to be very careful. It is quite easy to get the ball stuck between two objects or in a corner, and if you do that, you’re likely out of luck and will need to, unfortunately, restart, though that only sets you back a few minutes. You can do so by pausing the game and hitting the “Restart” option at the top.

Give the ball a few good kicks to push it into the back corner toward the study. As soon as it passes through the frame of the door, the achievement and trophy will unlock. The Resident Evil Village Goooaaal! achievement trophy is much less involved than some of the game’s later ones, so enjoy the easy points while you still can.

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