Looking for an easy way to down five crows for the Resident Evil Village Squawk Shot achievement and trophy? This guide will cover the best method.

Resident Evil Village: How to Unlock the Squawk Shot Achievement, Trophy

Looking for an easy way to down five crows for the Resident Evil Village Squawk Shot achievement and trophy? This guide will cover the best method.

Resident Evil Village features all sorts of animals, including fish, pigs, and chickens, typically hunted for food and ingredients. You can also find crows scattered throughout the world, and though they don’t provide you with any valuable items like other animals, shooting five of them in midair will net you an achievement and trophy called “Squawk Shot”.

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Not only will you earn yourself 15 Gamerscore or a bronze trophy, but you’ll also pocket 7,000 Challenge Points from the in-game challenge system. These can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades, such as infinite ammo, from the Extra Content Shop after your first completion of the game. This Resident Evil village Squawk Shot guide will cover how to complete this challenge quickly and easily to get you those points.

How to Unlock Squawk Shot in Resident Evil Village

This achievement and trophy in Resident Evil Village is nowhere near as difficult as some of its others. The simplest way to go about earning it is to startle crows by either walking near them or shooting near them. This will cause them to panic and take to the sky, allowing you to shoot them down with your handgun for 20% progress toward the challenge. 

Crows can be found all over the game, but there are a few points throughout the story that definitely stand out for completing this challenge.

The first comes very near to the beginning of the game, immediately after opening the castle gates by inserting the Maiden Crest and Demon Crest into it. Inside the small wooden house where you find the Maiden Crest, up near the graveyard, you can find the first save point of the game. Keep a mental note of the location of this house; after you have found the Demon Crest, come back to it, and save at the typewriter.

With both of the crests discovered, you are able to open the Castle Gate. Walk out of the house and through the small gate just ahead and to the right of you, then up to the castle gate between the two torches on your right. This is one of the easier puzzles in this game. Simply insert the two crests into their respective slots and rotate them to match the design. The gate will open.

Walk through the gate, and you will see a small bridge ahead of you with two crows just hanging out on the near side. Run up to the crows to startle them. They will try to make their escape, so quickly line up your shots and try to take them both down both in midair. If you kill one and haven’t killed any animals previously, you will also earn the “Hunter” achievement and trophy as a bonus.

Once the crows have either escaped or have been shot, pause the game and hit “Restart”. This will revert you back to your save at the typewriter. You don’t need to kill five unique crows, and you technically don’t even have to kill five crows in the same save.

You can simply revert your save and kill the same few crows repeatedly. Once again, use your two crests to open the castle gate and start blasting away at the two crows. Once you have killed a total of five airborne crows, you will unlock Squawk Shot. 

As you are replaying the same section over and over again, you don’t need to worry about your ammo count, so don’t be too careful when shooting the birds down. You’re better off aiming up near them and firing like a madman, and two of your shots should connect. After the achievement or trophy is yours, you can revert one last time to get your ammo fully replenished before continuing.

That’s how to get the Resident Evil Village Squawk Shot achievement and trophy for killing five crows in the game. For more on Resident Evil 8, consider heading over to our guides page for other tips and tricks.

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