Reverse 1999: Best Psychubes for Each Character

Having a hard time choosing the best psyches for your favorite character? We've got you covered.

Eight psyches stacked on each other in a Reverse 1999 buying menu.
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With so many characters in Reverse 1999, it can be hard to figure out the perfect way to set them up. On top of that, there are almost just as many items you can equip to them. To cut through the noise, these are the best Psychubes for each character in Reverse 1999.

Best Psychubes For Every Character in Reverse 1999

Before we start looking at which Psychubes pair best with each character, let’s look over what some of them do. You’ll notice that the best Psychubes appear quite often on this list. If you don’t have the one listed for your desired character, check out our Psychubes tier list for possible alternatives. 

  • That Inquisitive Dear — After the Carrier casts a single-target Ultimate, DMG Dealt increases by 5% (this effect stacks up to 3 times).
  • Brave New World — After the carrier casts an Ultimate, Incantation Might of the next incantation +20%.
  • Her Second Life — After the carrier casts the mass Ultimate, HP+(the carrier’s ATK x32%) for all allies.
  • Hopscotch — For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, Ultimate Might +4% for the carrier. Stacks up to 4 times.
  • His Bounden Duty — For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, HP +(the carrier’s ATK x60%).
  • Thunderous Applause — Amplification: When the carrier’s 1-target attack scores a critical hit, Critical DMG +16%.
  •  Luxurious Leisure — After the Carrier casts a single-target Ultimate, DMG Dealt increases by 5% (this effect stacks up to 3 times).
  • Blasphemer of Night — When the carrier attacks, if the target has 2 or more [Neg Status], DMG Dealt +12%. 

Now, let’s jump into each character element to see which pairings are ideal. Use the links below to jump to each character category quickly.

Mineral Characters 

Brave New World Psychube buying menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Balloon Party (Healer) — That Inquisitive Dear
  • Bette (Support) — Brave New World
  • Black Dwarf (Damage Dealer) — Brave New World 
  • Cristallo (Support) — Her Second Life 
  • Eternity (Support) — Hopscotch 
  • Horropedia (Support) — Hopscotch 
  • Mondlicht (Damage Dealer) — Brave New World 
  • Ms. Moissan (Support) — His Bounden Duty
  • Ms. NewBabel (Support) — Thunderous Applause 
  • Necrologist (Damage Dealer) — That Inquisitive Dear
  • ONiON (Support) — Brave New World 
  • Pickles (Support) — Luxurious Leisure 
  • Sonetto (Damage Dealer) — Brave New World 

Star Characters 

Thunderous Applause Psychube buying menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • 37 (Support) — Her Second Life
  • aliEn T (Damage Dealer) — Her Second Life
  • APPLe (Healer) — Her Second Life
  • Baby Blue (Support) — Her Second Life
  • Blonney (Damage Dealer) — Hopscotch 
  • Charlie (Damage Dealer) — Thunderous Applause 
  • Erick (Damage Dealer) — His Bounden Duty
  • Lilya (Damage Dealer) — Thunderous Applause 
  • Matilda (Support) — Thunderous Applause 
  • Oliver Fog (Support) — His Bounden Duty 
  • Regulus (Damage Dealer) — Brave New World 
  • Sputnik (Support) — His Bounden Duty 
  • The Fool (Support) — His Bounden Duty 
  • TTT (Support) — Her Second Life 
  • Tooth Fairy (Healer) — That Inquisitive Dear 
  • Voyager (Damage Dealer) — His Bounden Duty 

Beast Characters 

His Bounden Duty Psychube buying menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Bunny Bunny (Support) — His Bounden Duty
  • Centurion (Damage Dealer) — Hopscotch 
  • Darley Clatter (Healer) — Her Second Life 
  • Dikke (Healer) — Brave New World 
  • Leilani (Support) — Brave New World 
  • Melania (Damage Dealer) — Luxurious Leisure 
  • Medicine Pocket (Support) — That Inquisitive Dear
  • Nick Bottom (Healer) — That Inquisitive Dear
  • Pavia (Damage Dealer) — Hopscotch 
  • Shamane (Support) — The Carat of the Heart 
  • Sweetheart (Damage Dealer) — Blasphemer of Night  
  • Tennant (Support) — Thunderous Applause 

Plant Characters 

Her Second Life Psychube buying menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • An-an Lee (Support) — Brave New World
  • Bkornblume (Support) — Brave New World
  • Changeling (Support) — Blasphemer of Night 
  • Diggers (Support) — His Bounden Duty 
  • Druvis III (Support) — Blasphemer of Night 
  • Eagle (Damage Dealer) — Thunderous Applause 
  • Kanjira (Support) — His Bounden Duty 
  • La Source (Healer) — That Inquisitive Dear 
  • Rabies (Support) — Brave New World 
  • Satsuki (Damage Dealer) — His Bounden Duty 
  • Sotheby (Healer) — Her Second Life 
  • Зима (Support) – His Bounden Duty 

Spirit Characters 

Hopscotch Psychube buying menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • A Knight (Damage Dealer) — His Bounden Duty
  • Click (Support) — His Bounden Duty 
  • Ms. Radio (Support) — The Footloose 
  • Poltergeist (Support) — Blasphemer of Night 
  • Twins Sleep (Support) — Balance, Please 

Intellect Characters 

Blasphemer of Night Psychube buying menu.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Door (Support) — The Foot Loose 
  • John Titor (Support) — His Bounden Duty
  • Mesmer Jr. (Support) — Her Second Life 
  • X (Damage Dealer) — His Bounden Duty

That’s all the best psyches for every character in Reverse 1999. For more tips and tricks, including best roles and codes, check out our dedicated guides hub for Reverse 1999

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