Rimworld: How to Butcher Animals

Animals can be your friends in Rimworld, but you'll also need them to feed the colony. Here is how to butcher animals in Rimworld.

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Rimworld is a simulation game where you manage a colony of survivors on an alien planet. The best part is that an AI generates a story as you play, so nobody’s game will ever be the same. One important aspect is interacting with animals, which involves breeding and utilizing them for various purposes, including as a means to keep your colony fed. Here’s how to butcher animals in Rimworld.

How to Butcher Animals in Rimworld

Image via Ludeon Studios

First up, you need to find a butcher spot in your settlement and also have a dead animal corpse in a stockpile to butcher. To create a butcher spot, you need 95 wood. Once you have that, select Architect, then Production, and choose the butcher table. Select your newly created butcher table, and click bills. Then, select Add Bill. Butcher Creature should be added to the bill.

You want your pawns to produce meat for your colony consistently. To do that, select the option to Do Forever. Any new animal carcasses you collect can be butchered when you return to your colony if this option is selected.

How to Find a Butcher if You’re Impatient

This is the manual option for when you want results very quickly. You’ll need to find someone capable of butchering animals. First, make sure someone is assigned to cooking. Once you have someone in the area, click on the butcher table with right click and choose the option to Butcher Animal. You can also select the animal and click prioritize butchering for your pawns to drop everything and get to cutting up that meat ASAP.

Notes on Butchering Animals in Rimworld

There are some things to keep in mind before butchering animals in Rimworld:

  • Animal Roles: In Rimworld, animals aren’t just there for you to eat, as you’ll need them for many other roles, as well.
  • Hauling Around the Colony: Some animals, like dogs, can get trained to haul items. This can be a huge benefit to overall production in your colony.
  • Combat: Certain animals can be used for combat and are valuable allies when sending your colonists into the fray.
  • Eggs and Milk Production: Chickens and other livestock animals can provide your colony with valuable resources like eggs and milk.
  • Crafting Materials: Certain animals, like alpacas and muffalos, can be sheared or butchered for fur and wool.

That’s how to butcher animals in Rimworld. They can make or break your colony, so be careful slaughtering them. While some are allies for your whole playthrough, you need to feed your colonists, so it’s a balancing act between multiple needs. Hopefully, this guide helped you decide what’s the best options for your critters. For more on Rimworld, check out our guides section.

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