Choosing a starting location in Ring of Elysium can seem daunting, but this guide makes it easy!

Ring of Elysium Landing Guide

Choosing a starting location in Ring of Elysium can seem daunting, but this guide makes it easy!

Choosing your first location in Ring of Elysium isn’t the easiest. The massive map dares you to choose a starting spot you’re going to feel comfortable with and ultimately know in a standard battle royale. Yet, this game proves to show you something different. You’re going to need to pick something other than your standard choice to survive in this impressive arena.

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There’s plenty of choices for you to pick from. Each one gives you a fairly good idea of what you need to do to start out there, and where you need to go, but when you first start out you may not know what to do first. Here’s a list of some great landing choices for you to pick from!

Start Off Small

What Should You Do First?

How mobile do you want to be during this first section? Do you want to pick the least immediately mobile class, the rock-climbing gear, and then choose from choices you know can traverse mountains, or pick an obvious choice and see what happens with a snowboard or a glider?

Any option is viable!

A choice can thrive based on the type of snow gear you take with you. For example, if you start off on the face of a mountain, away from a small town and you have a snowboard, you can slide straight into the village and see who’s left. But, make the same choice with rock-climbing gear and you may find yourself a small, moving target on a massive white slope as you’re forced to walk down the mountain. 

Remember this when you’re making your choice, or when any location is recommended in this guide. 

The Hottest Locations

Without a doubt, almost every game you’re going to see these locations filled up. For whatever reason players have decided these are the most ideal starting locations, and if you want in on the action you have to get there fast!

Sigel Castle

The entire city takes up only six of the tiny grid squares, but these spots always get filled up within the first couple seconds of matchmaking. Starting here almost certainly means you’re going to start firing your weapon as soon as you’re in, but if you’re trigger happy, have at it!

Dione Police Station

If you’re forced to get stranded in a snowy town about to get overrun by a massive storm, the police station is a great place to get stuck at — especially if you’re going to have to compete against the other occupants. There’s usually a few vehicles nearby you can use to go further north, too.

Wagner City

Because it’s one of the larger cities on the map, there are a good two dozen or so buildings you can check out for some great gear. For those who love urban warfare, this is the place to go. The one problem I have with this place is it’s easy to get caught out by someone who wants to camp inside a building and wait for you to enter.

Fort Tyrfing

Much like the police station, Fort Tyrfing can provide you with a great spot to find some gear and get used to the map. Though, because it’s located on the corner of the map, if you can’t find a vehicle quick enough the storm may take your life — don’t worry, someone will probably get you before that happens.

Sidera Lodoicea Ski Resort

This is likely my favorite spot to start out, especially when I have a snowboard. If I get lucky and notice no one else spawns close to me, I can raid a handful of well-equipped houses and make off a like a bandit. However, if I see plenty of people around me, I normally take my snowboard and go straight down the ski resort to Ring Mountain City, where I loot a few outlying houses and then move on. Having a snowboard in this area is really great!

Reasonable Choices

These locations are a little out of the way from your typical highlights, but they’re great to loot some gear and then move on towards the next safe zone. You’ll probably have to do some running so I hope you brought your podcasts!

Tiny Village

Located at the very top of the map, right in the middle, you can see this little village location you can spawn at. It’s a good location if you want to start out somewhere away from other people, get a few houses in, and then go in whatever direction you need to go to survive. If you see anyone spawning close by, get to the nearest house! They might not get as lucky as you, giving you your first kill.

Valley Town

Located to the left of Sigel Castle, Valley Town is a small little area of homes really good two people or a squad willing to share resources. Because it’s small, not as many people plan to go towards it. Plus, it’s on the other side of a mountain from Sigel Castle, meaning whoever survived that hot spot won’t immediately have their sights on you. Additionally, this location is near the center of the map giving you a degree of freedom to choose where you want to go next without feeling too pressured.

Herschel Academy

There’s plenty of big buildings here for you to loot. It’s kind of like the school from PUBG: people are going to end up here, but if you can survive you’re going to get some excellent starting gear. Due to it being at the bottom of a small mountain and near a lake, you’re limited on choices of where to go next. Keep that in mind.

Snowflake Town

Much like Herschel Academy, this lake town forces you to go north or south after you’ve finished looting and survived anyone else who dropped with you. It’s a good place to go if you and a friend want to grab some gear and talk for most of the not. You won’t see as many other competitors during the start of the much, but you’ll have a memorable night talking to each other as you trek across the map, which is the most important part.

Cedar Forest / Moose Woods Sawmill

I rarely see anyone drop here during my games, which makes it a great location to go if you want to get some solid gear. I normally recommend for newcomers to start out in Cedar Forest because, based on where they hear gunshots, they change their plans without too much effort. They can go down to the Lumberjack’s House, Skadi City, or Moose Woods Sawmill to grab what they need and continue through the match. It varies on each game, and you’re going to have to run to the next safe location if you want to survive, but it’s going to be a great time. Bring your running shoes!

Those are some of our favorite locations to go to when we’re playing Ring of Elysium. Know a location you and a buddy love to start out in no one else goes to? Share it with us!

We’re going to have more guides for Ring of Elysium going up in the future, so stay tuned to Gameskinny to hear more!

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