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Rise of the Ronin Photography: How to Use the Camera

Become a photographer in Rise of the Ronin

In Rise of the Ronin, you’ll be able to come across a new invention during the time period, the camera. Once you get this item, you’ll be able to complete special missions for some rewards. Here’s how to use the camera in Rise of the Ronin. 

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How to Get the Camera in Rise of the Ronin 

You’ll eventually encounter a character named Igashichi Iizuka when you reach Yokohama. He’s an inventor who had his plans for a prototype camera stolen by bandits. He’ll request that you track them down and recover his blueprints. When you take out all the bandits and return the plans to Igashichi, he’ll reward you with a camera. 

How to Use the Camera in Rise of the Ronin 

After you unlock the camera, you can equip it in one of the four directions on the D-pad. You can zoom in and out in the camera menu before taking a picture. Although it can be fun taking pictures of the vast landscape of the game, there are photo challenges you can participate in, too. 

The first photography missions you can do can be located on your map. You’ll notice that there are camera icons all around the map. If you go to these locations and take a picture, you’ll be rewarded with items and increase your Bond with the region.

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Back in Yokohama, you can visit Igashichi in the Photo Studio and participate in photography challenges. These will include taking pictures of a location during a specific time or weather conditions or taking a certain amount of pictures of dogs. Completing these challenges will reward you with Silver Coins, weapons and armor, decorations, or bond jewels. 

That’s how to use the camera in Rise of the Ronin. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated Rise of the Ronin guides hub.

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