Risk of Rain 2: How to Loop With or Without a Mithrix Clear

How to loop regardless of whether you've beaten Mithrix in Risk of Rain 2.

How to loop regardless of whether you've beaten Mithrix in Risk of Rain 2.
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Beating Providence wasn’t the goal for most players of the original Risk of Rain, and beating Mithrix is certainly not the goal for most players in Risk of Rain 2. The name of the game has always been to loop, and with luck, loop until the run is over.

As with the first game, you’ll need to beat the final boss at least once to be able to easily loop to your heart’s content in later runs.

However, it is possible to loop without beating Mithrix at all. It’s also possible for the normal, intended way to loop in post-Mithrix RoR2 runs to not be available if the game is feeling particularly cruel. Either way, it’s good to know your options to skip the big guy regardless of whether you’ve beaten him or not.

How to Loop in Risk of Rain 2

Option 1: Change the Alignment of Sky Meadow’s Primordial Teleporter

The first way we’re going to go over is the intended method, which is only available after you beat Mithrix once.

It’s quite simple: Interact with the outermost pillars surrounding the Primordial Teleporter to shift its destination from the moon to the planet. You must shift the Primordial Teleporter’s destination before the teleporter event.

RoR2 shift Primordial Teleporter alignment.

Once you’ve shifted the teleporter’s alignment, you can use it to be whisked back to the start, either to the Distant Roost or Titanic Plains, and avoid Mithrix and his terribly bleak moon.

In an ideal world, you would never have trouble with this process, but unfortunately, it is possible for the Primordial Teleporter to spawn in such a way that you can’t interact with the pillars to change the its alignment.

RoR2 Primordial Teleporter clipped into wall.

To say this is infuriating is an understatement. Luckily it’s not your only option.

Option 2: Pop a Newt Altar and Enter the Lunar Shop

You must do this before you initiate the teleporter event. Find a Newt Altar somewhere in Sky Meadow and interact with it to make a blue orb appear, which will allow you to enter the Lunar Shop via blue portal after the teleporter event.

Newt Altar

You get to skip Mithrix, loop, and go shopping if you go this route! Perhaps the more appealing option of the four.

Option 3: Use the Compound Generator

Unlike hitting a Newt Altar to enter the Lunar Shop, you can engage the Compound Generator before or after the teleporter event. This is not a convenient option.

The Compound Generator is the area below the map used to go into Bulwark’s Ambry to unlock Artifacts. Enter one of the codes in this Risk of Rain 2 Artifact unlock guide and be on your way, but do be prepared to fight.

Option 4: Spend on the Altar of Gold and Go to the Gilded Coast

The cost of activating the Altar of Gold is quite high, and there’s a chance there won’t even be one in Sky Meadow. But this is an option if there is an Altar of Gold available, and it has the added benefit of having Aurelionite help you with teleporter events moving forward, provided you clear the Gilded Coast.

Just activate the altar and use the gold portal after the teleporter event, rather than using the teleporter, to enter the Gilded Coast and hopefully move onto the next loop.

Those are all of the primary methods for skipping the Mithrix fight in Risk of Rain 2, for those who have and have not beaten him into the ground yet.

Though the intended method is the easiest, the other methods of skipping the moon and Mithrix completely are viable for players who haven’t beaten the boss yet and don’t want to bother, or for those who get unlucky with their Primordial Teleporter spawn that run. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Risk of Rain 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

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