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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Get Beam Drones

Here's how to get Beam drones in Risk of Rain Returns thus unlocking the second Engineer turret.

Among the several alternate-ability-unlocking achievements for survivors, some can get confusing like the Beam drone one for Engineer. Here’s how to get Beam Drones in Risk of Rain Returns for the Amplified achievement.

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It’s simply a matter of the game not explaining what exactly is a Beam Drone nor the names of drones in general. Worry not, as I’ll guide you through this process that involves the drone combination station and a little luck.

How to Get Beam Drones in Risk of Rain Returns

The Engineer’s Laser Turret ability is locked behind the Amplified achievement, which requires you to get a Beam Drone. To explain what Beam Drones are we must first mention drone combination stations. These randomly spawned interactables, that can appear in every level, allow you to combine three instances of the same drone for a stronger version.

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A Beam Drone is what you get when you combine three Laser Drones in one of these stations. Laser drones usually start appearing regularly in stages three and four. You must be playing as the Engineer and once you have three approach the station and interact with it to receive a Beam Drone. This will unlock the Laser Turret for your next run.

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Alternatively, Beam drones can also be found in the final level on the Contact Light ship for around 3000+ currency depending on your difficulty. They are powerful additions to your arsenal that are tougher and are more difficult to break down. Furthermore, like Laser drones, their attacks will also pierce enemies.

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If you’re having issues with this Achievement, I recommend running the game on Drizzle or adjusting the damage for you and enemies in the second tab of Character Selection. This allows you to speedrun the game more easily and focus in on that Beam drone achievement. Hey, as long as it works.

I hope this guide on how to get Beam drones in Risk of Rain Returns was helpful. For more guides like how to beat Providence or the Cremator, check out our RoR Returns hub.

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