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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Get to Boar Beach

Boar Beach is a fun reference to a classic MMO, with a unique item for those who seek it out.

Just as it was in the original game, Boar Beach is an easter egg that offers a unique item drop if you can find it. I’ll go into how to get to Boar Beach in RoRR in this guide, because it’s worth checking out even if there’s no achievement tied to it.

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Where Is Boar Beach in Risk of Rain Returns?

Boar Beach is a reference to the classic MMORPG MapleStory, which served as a hidden farming map for years. Hopoo was clearly a fellow MapleStory player in ye olde 2000s. This map is just as hidden in Risk of Rain Returns, and is as packed with pigs as the game it’s referencing.

How to Get to Boar Beach in RoRR

There’s a chance you can find the Boar Beach entrance you’ve loaded into Ancient Valley, the snowy biome, as your third stage in a run. There are more map variants than ever, though, and it’s never a guarantee to come across.

If you have gotten lucky enough to get Ancient Valley instead of Sunken Tomb as your third stage, your search for Boar Beach needs to happen at the top left of the map. There is usually a high ledge at the top left of the map, where you’ll have to use a bouncing node (I don’t know what they’re called despite my 600+ hours in RoR) to get high enough to reach it. Your build doesn’t matter, you can just spring your way up to the ledge.

In most map variants, this ledge will be there. The entrance to Boar Beach isn’t always there, though. I’ve circled what it looks like in the image below. Essentially it’s some bushes next to a rickety fence. You need to hold “up” for a couple of seconds for a MapleStory-style fade-in to Boar Beach.

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Why Visit Boar Beach in Risk of Rain Returns?

This Boar Beach is just as plagued with pigs as the one in MapleStory, but it’s not worth farming. You’ll likely find a few chests, which you’ll want to open and should get plenty of money for from killing pigs, but the unique prize here lies in the unique White Undershirt (M) item. One pig will be wearing it, but is immune to many types of damage. I can’t comment on which, since my Tesla coil killed it.

The White Undershirt (M) boasts a description anyone who used to play MapleStory can decipher:

  • +2 STR S>2m or best offer @@@@@@@@

… which basically translates to it’s a +2 Strength top that’s being sold for two million or the best offer, and to PM the seller. It’s just a jokey reference and doesn’t mean anything, as evidenced by the fact that all this shirt does is provide three armor. And, based on savvy players through the years, this effect does not stack. Which makes sense (kind of), because stacking it past two in the original RoR could crash the game.

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When you hit the teleporter in Boar Beach, it’ll spawn a Toxic Beast to kill if you feel up to it. You probably do and it’s worth it just for another item, but you can also just use the teleporter again and leave. Unfortunately, none of this lets you skip Ancient Valley. Instead, it sends you back to a totally newly generated Ancient Valley, and tasks you with clearing it like normal.

Is it worth it to get to the Boar Beach entrance in Risk of Rain Returns? It’s worth doing at least once, just to say you’ve done it. The White Undershirt (M) isn’t a game changer, and you might find the time spent in this sub-map isn’t worth it. Check out our other RoRR guides here on GameSkinny.

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