Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator X: Best Champions Tier List

Pull the best units from the Champion Pod using our tier list guide of the best champions in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator X.

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Anime Fighting Simulator X is a sequel to an extremely popular AFS game in Roblox with a lot of new and returning champions that possess powerful abilities. You can pull champions out of the gacha, which is called the Champion Pod and can be found in the starting dimension. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best champions in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator X, including their biggest advantages.

Best Champions Tier List in Anime Fighting Simulator X

  • S-Tier: Boro, Mada, Navi
  • A-Tier: Naturo, Brule, Quake, Cell
  • B-Tier: Dracula, Remu, Itachi, Pain

S-Tier Champions

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The purple headed-Boro is the best buffer / debuffer in the game, granting a 40% bonus to your Chakra, Strength, and Durability. He also reduces all incoming damage while performing his special roaring counterattack, which triggers automatically whenever you’re damaged. Although it’s really hard to pull this character from the Champion Pod, you simply won’t find a better champion accompanying you through all the dimensions.


There’s a huge debate right now in the AFSX community about which of the two champions is truly the best: Mada or Boro. Of course, it’s up to you to decide, but note that Boro’s multipliers are a little higher than Mada’s. In turn, this champion gives you a 25% boost to all Chakra attacks and a 25% bonus to your HP pool. But I found his passive ability, which reduces all of your cooldown times by 20%, to be the most impactful on the gameplay.


Navi is a brand-new champion in the series of AFS games. She specializes in mobility and money, granting a 50% bonus to your Chakra and Speed. But what makes her truly unique is the passive ability that adds 50 Yen to your account every minute that you spend in the game. You don’t even have to do anything; just launch the game and make money!

A-Tier Champions

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Naturo is the best healer champion in the game! He automatically restores 10% HP of all allies every 5 seconds, regardless whether any of you got damaged or not. It’s a great passive skill that every team should have. On top of that, Naturo grants a 25% bonus to all your damage and a 30% bonus to your main character’s HP.


Brule is a good alternative healer for Naturo, but he can’t heal your entire group. Instead, he heals 5% of your character’s HP every second if your main character’s overall HP pool drops below 25%. Brule also grants the same 30% bonus to your HP as Naturo, but I’d also like to mention his small but impactful 2.5% boost to your critical hits.


Quake offers a different spin on the healing mechanic! While Naturo and Brule actually heal you when your HP drops below a certain threshold, Quake increases your damage by a whopping 50%. It can be risky, especially if your HP pool isn’t very large yet, but Quake also grants a 25% bonus to your HP and a 15% boost to your overall damage.


Cell is a safer kind of healer than Quake, where he heals you every time you successfully hit an enemy, although the chance of such healing is only 10%. It’s probably still more reliable than Quake’s mechanic. Additionally, Cell grants you a 15% bonus to both your HP and damage.

B-Tier Champions

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Dracula is a sword master who grants you a 15% bonus damage to all your sword attacks. Obviously, you’d have to wield a sword, or this champion would be completely useless to you. It’s a specialized unit that works only for specific builds.


If you want to reduce your cooldown times but aren’t able to roll Mada, then Remu would be the next best pull. Although his ability reduces only 15% of your cooldown times, it’s still better than nothing. On top of that, he boosts all your damage by 15%.


Itachi is an evasion master who grants a 10% bonus to your evade ability. He also grants a unique 15% Chakra damage bonus. If your character build strongly relies on Chakra, then this would be at least a tier higher, but since it’s a very narrow proficiency, I’ve placed Itachi at the B-tier.


Pain is a simple damage and HP buffer. He doesn’t heal you or provide support during the fights, but simply boosts all your Chakra damage by 30% and your HP by 25%. It’s a solid alternative to Itachi, unless you really need that evasion bonus.

Those are the best champions in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator X. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.

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