There are a lot of sites claiming they can give free Robux and every single one is a scam.

Roblox – Beware “free” Robux generators, they are scams!

There are a lot of sites claiming they can give free Robux and every single one is a scam.
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Roblox is more popular than ever, which is great! But what’s not great is how many “free Robux generators” there are floating around the internet. These generators are scams and should be avoided at all costs.

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I know you want Robux — everyone who plays the game does. You can’t customize your avatar without them, can’t make the most of some games, and are generally limited. And let’s not get into The Builder’s Club, which requires Robux to get into and is required if you want to sell your own stuff in-game.

Nothing in life is free and Robux are no different. Roblox hasn’t been around since 2006 because people were able to hack it and get free money — if it were that easy, do you not think everyone would be doing it?

There are literally thousands of sites claiming to be “free Roblox generators” that come up when you search for Robux on any search engine. Go ahead, try it yourself. I’ll wait.

All right, so you see what I mean. Now let’s do some real talk:

If it were really that easy to get free Robux, would there really have to be thousands of sites with different “hacks”? And would they all be so vague? 

The answer here is “No”.

After testing a number of these sites out myself for research purposes, I’ve found that none of them work

All of these sites are malicious in one way or another and they should be avoided at all costs. Many of them do one or more of the following:

  • Have a virus on the websites themselves
  • Have you download a Robux “generator” that is actually a virus
  • Have you fill out surveys for the website owner to make money off of, and you get nothing
  • Ask you for your Roblox login information so they can steal your account (some just ask for your login ID and then crack your password)

… And those are just the most common ways these sites try to scam you! 

There are no Robux generators that work, no matter what the websites claim. It’s important to remember — and it’s important to never give anyone you don’t know on the internet your Roblox login ID

If you want to make the most of Roblox, you’re going to have to spend some real money. Whip out that wallet!

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