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Fire Force Online: Best Clans Tier List

Choose only the best clan for your character in Roblox Fire Force Online using our tier list guide.

There are 16 clans in Fire Force Online, a new RPG in Roblox that’s based on the extremely popular anime. Each gives you a set of passive abilities that can help win matchups in PvE and PvP modes. Our Fire Force Online best clans tier list will rank them from best to worst, including their best abilities and why some are better than others.

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Fire Force Online Best Clans Tier List

S-Tier Clans

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Obi tops our Fire Force Online best clans tier list because it’s the most powerful in the game. Period. Its passive ability extends your PoD and Steeled modes up to one minute, for a total of three minutes. This also doesn’t affect your cooldown times, so just imagine staying in these overpowered states for that long and not getting any penalties. You’re essentially unstoppable.


If you want to make your M1 and M2 attacks much stronger, then there’s no better choice than the Dragon clan. Both of those moves turn into heavy blows, turning both PvE and PvP matchups into a walk in the park. I still believe that Obi gains a lot more power than the Dragon clan, but both can definitely be placed in the S-tier just for the sheer amount of damage they can deal.


While the Obi and Dragon clans are focused on offense, Shinmon is the best Fire Force Online clan that focuses on defense, evasion, and counterattacks. Its passive abilities increase your dodge window and boost your counter damage. This is a perfect clan for Assassin players, who want to dodge all enemy attacks and then return that damage in a counter-offensive move.

A-Tier Clans

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Though Burns comes in lower on our Fire Force Online best clans tier list, it’s a solid clan that only has positive effects. It prevents your character from overheating too quickly, and it regenerates your stamina much faster. This is a very useful clan, especially for PvP mode, where overheating is one of the main causes of matchups gone wrong.


This clan is in the same league as Burns, which also regenerates stamina faster. However, Boyle also grants you more XP, which is very good for grinding. So if I had to choose, I’d go with Burns for the PvP mode and Boyle for the PvE mode. But both of these clans perform similarly well!


Kusakabe grants higher Grace and XP gains, which also include XP obtained in the PvP mode. Of course, gaining extra XP is always great, but I have to warn you that at the current stage of the game’s development, there’s no clear way to gain Grace points. Fire Force Online is still a very young game, and it may take time before the creators add all the required elements, including Grace. It’s possible that in future updates, Kusakabe will shift to S-tier.


Montgomery would be the best clan for dodge builds, where players can get lots of perfect dodges. When you achieve that kind of skill, this clan will provide you with a reduced dodge cooldown passive ability. Some players have managed to trigger this skill so well that they can dodge enemy attacks nonstop. But since dodge cooldowns aren’t that long to begin with, this clan isn’t fit enough for S-tier.

B-Tier Clans

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Mori is similar to Montgomery, but their abilities are slightly different. While Montgomery gets a reduced dodge cooldown when performing perfect dodges, Mori gets a minor damage buff under the same condition. There’s nothing to argue about which of these two is better, so Mori only gets as far as B-tier.


Kakage only works as a multiplayer clan, and it’s practically useless in solo play. But if you do play in a party, then your damage gets a minor buff. It’s not a huge boost, but it does make your gameplay more enjoyable.


The Gripping move allows you to literally shake the money out of enemies. Typically, you get about $30,000 per attack, but with the Son clan, you can take a lot more money when Gripping. If you’re lucky, you can get as much as $60,000 per move. Of course, this doesn’t work on the Kotatsu clan, which has an opposite effect that protects it from losing money when Gripped.


Dfresh closes our Fire Force Online best clans tier list because it doesn’t affect your gameplay and ha s decent ability. It can be useful if you want to purchase items from the Black Market at a discount. The Black Market shop is famous for having some excellent items, but they’re so expensive that I wouldn’t recommend getting anything there without the DFresh clan.

And that’s our Fire Force Online best clans tier list for the popular Roblox game. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.

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