Roblox Heroes Awakening: Top 10 Best Quirks

Here's our list of the top 10 best quirks in Roblox Heroes Awakening, including all of the best moves.

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There are over 20 quirks in Roblox Heroes Awakening. Most common and uncommon quirks contain no more than one or two moves, but rare and legendary quirks contain more. Our guide will list the top 10 best quirks in Roblox Heroes Awakening, including all of their best moves.

Top 10 Best Quirks in Roblox Heroes Awakening

Here’s a quick breakdown of our top 10 best quirks in Roblox Heroes Awakening:

  • Cremation
  • Hell Flame
  • Overhaul
  • Half Hot Half Cold
  • One For All
  • Decay
  • Explosion
  • Electrification
  • Zero Gravity
  • Erasure


The Cremation quirk is best known for its high DPS and characteristic blue flames. There are four moves, and the best one is easily Wave of Fire, which consumes only 150 Stamina and deals huge damage. But if you want to completely overwhelm your enemies, then use Blazing Doom, although I must warn you that the Stamina cost is quite steep.

Hell Flame

Hell Flame isn’t as strong as Cremation, but it’s the best offensive one for new players, since it’s a rare quirk with a much higher 4.5% chance to drop. While Cremation deals damage to a single target, Hell Flame is a high damage aerial attack that is able to almost insta-kill some of the weaker enemies.


Overhaul is the best quirk for both offensive and defensive situations. Its main offensive move is Spike Wave, which pushes a number of spikes from the ground and damages enemies struck by them. Spike Field move very similar but covers a wider area. It also comes with Self Heal, which allows you to heal yourself.

Half Hot Half Cold

HHHC has two sides: one is hot and the other one is cold. The Ice Wall and the Wall of Flames aren’t great, but others, such as Freezing Spikes and Devouring Flames, can deal a lot of damage. The caveat here is that both moves require 800 to 900 Stamina.

One For All

One For All is focused primarily around two Smash moves: Delaware and St. Louis. In both cases, you can spam punch blasts so strong that they can knock back enemies. Alternatively, there’s Full Cowling, which grants a huge speed boost but costs 700 Stamina.


This one only has three moves, but one’s really notable. It being Area Shatter, which creates a whirlwind of falling blocks that cover a pretty wide area. It’s also a lot less expensive than most of the legendary quirks, costing you only 500 Stamina. I’d recommend Decay to all beginner players.


Although Explosion is a legendary quirk, it’s not as powerful as Cremation. However, Blast Rush move has a lot going on. With it, you’re able to jump high in the area for easy maneuvering. You’re also able to hurl fireballs while mid-air! If that wasn’t enough, you can also land on the ground with a small explosion. This one’s a lot of fun.


Electrification is similar to Explosion, but it deals electric damage. I really like Dash, which pushes you forward on the ground with immense power to speed you up. The Electric drop is very similar to Decay’s Area Shatter. But the best move is probably 1M Voltage, which is an electric AoE explosion that covers a huge area.

Zero Gravity

As the name of this quirk suggests, you can use it to fly around the map with the help of the Gravity Flight move. It’s very expensive at 800 Stamina, but it can be handy if you need to escape the area quickly or overcome an obstacle. The rest of the moves are not bad offensive attacks, but don’t expect too much from this non-legendary quirk.


The final quirk on our list is a weird one, but highly effective. It disables the quirks of other players for a period of time, and its effect is ranged. The range of Erasure depends on the quirk stats, and the duration depends on the amount of Stamina you can spend when using the Full Erasure move. For this one, you’ll need around 500-600 Stamina, which is a lot even for a rare type of quirk.

Those are the top 10 best quirks in Roblox Heroes Awakening. Stay tuned for more Roblox tips and tricks articles right here.

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