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Roblox Skibi Defense: Best Units Tier List

Set up the strongest defense line with the help of our tier list guide for the best units in Roblox Skibi Defense.

There are 22 units in Roblox Skibi Defense, including four massive titan towers that have only one or two placements per unit. Of course, more units are coming in the future, but for now, our guide will provide you with a current tier list of the best units in Roblox Skibi Defense, including their prices and most powerful attacks.

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Best Units Tier List in Roblox Skibi Defense

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best units in Roblox Skibi Defense:

S-Tier Units

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Upgraded Camera Titan

  • Price (lobby): 75,000
  • Price (game): 150,000

This titan unit can equip four types of weapons at once: Hammer, Railgun, Core Flame, and Cannons. The damage output is unhinged, with the Cannons dealing the most at 20,000 points. Mostly, you’ll be using Hammer with Railgun and Core Flame for some AoE shenanigans.

TV Titan

  • Price (lobby): 90,000
  • Price (game): 80,000

TV Titan has one Screen Head Fight attack, which has a number of applications. You can manipulate it to deal a slowdown AoE or deal an angle AoE, depending on the situation. Since you can place two of these, unlike the Upgraded Camera Titan, which can be placed only as a singular unit, you can combine them into some spectacular attack patterns.

Speaker Titan

  • Price (lobby): 45,000
  • Price (game): 25,000

If you’re specifically looking for the best single-target damage unit, then Speaker Titan would be the best choice. It’s really effective when using Blaster and Kick attacks, but I personally prefer adding the Scream attack to this combo, as it adds an additional knockback to the whole mix of damage.

A-Tier Units

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Titan Cameraman

  • Price (lobby): 50,000
  • Price (game): 20,000

The Titan Cameraman is the only titan unit in the game that has three attack levels, while all of the above-mentioned units have four. This is the reason why I put Titan Cameraman in the A-tier. But it’s still a reasonably powerful AoE unit, capable of executing Stomp and Core Outburst types of attacks.

High Tech Camera

  • Price (lobby): 20,000
  • Price (game): 5,500

This unit carries a powerful Railgun that can deal both single-target and AoE damage. But its main selling point is the Tower Lock ability, which lets you lock onto a single enemy. The longer you’re locked onto your target, the more damage you deal to it.

Camera Sniper Woman

  • Price (lobby): 2,500
  • Price (game): 500

As the name of this unit suggests, this is a sniping unit that carries a Bolt weapon. It’s very accurate, and it deals up to 135 damage to a single target. You can place as many as eight Camera Sniper Woman units in the zone, covering your flanks or simply clearing the front rows of enemies.

B-Tier Units

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Speaker Strider

  • Price (lobby): 7,500
  • Price (game): 2,000

There are several strider units in Roblox Skibi Defense, but this one is by far the most useful due to its knockback ability, which I’ve already mentioned earlier in our guide. Speaker Strider deals a special Sonic Blast attack, which both knocks enemies back and deals AoE damage. Note that they can push back both hidden and flying enemies even without detection if they’re triggered by another tower.

Camera Strider

  • Price (lobby): 4,000
  • Price (game): 2,000

This strider isn’t as fun as the Speaker Strider, but I like that it has access to two cannons: Top Cannon and Bottom Cannon. Together, they deal powerful AoE damage, although the Bottom Cannon deals way less damage than the Top Cannon for some reason.


  • Price (lobby): 4,500
  • Price (game): 1,500

The final unit on our list is the TV-Woman, which is capable of dealing Fire Light damage that burns enemies over time with her screen. But there’s also a sneaky Stab attack with a knife that can be quite unexpected and unpleasant for enemy towers.

That’s it for our tier list of the best units in Skibi Defense. For more Roblox tips and tricks, check out our dedicated guides hub page.

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