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Robocop Rogue City: How to Save Game

Let's talk about how to save game in Robocop Rogue City

As you stride, investigate, and mow down criminals, you might wonder if the game has saved so you can take a break. We’ll answer how to save game in Robocop Rogue City so you can feel secure in that your progress won’t be lost.

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I looked around and found no clear way to manually save after half an hour of gameplay. This means the game doesn’t have a manual save option and focuses on auto-saving. It remains to be seen whether Teyon will be implementing manual saving at a later date.

How to Save Game in Robocop Rogue City

Since you cannot manually save, you’re left at the whims of the game’s autosave feature. But the tiny green autosave icon in the top right is easily glanced over. It’s not clear-cut and disappears quite quickly so it’s easily missed. This can be quite tedious if you prefer to play in shorter sessions and have no idea whether your progress has been recorded.

Therefore, one tip I would recommend doing is to regularly pause the game once in a while. Then, go to the “Load” menu. You can see your autosaves here and you can also check the time since the last save. This is a reliable way to make sure your progress is recorded before turning off the game.

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Robocop Rogue City Future Update

That said, you shouldn’t be going through this simple yet tedious process in the first place. I really hope Teyon introduces manual saving or at least a clearer prompt that the game autosaved. One would assume the game autosaves after cutscenes or dialogue sections, but that’s not always the case. Even if a complete manual saving system isn’t implemented, a “Save & Exit” option would also be useful.

That’s it for my guide on how to save game in Robocop Rogue City. Making a habit of checking the “Load” menu before signing off is a good way to ensure your progress has been recorded. For more guides on the game, check out our Robocop Rogue City hub.

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