Rocket League Birthday Ball 2023 Event Guide
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Rocket League Birthday Ball Event Guide

Celebrate Rocket League's Birthday Ball event in style with this guide to its challenges and rewards.

Rocket League‘s Birthday Ball summer event is here, and there are plenty of challenges and rewards to be had. Celebrating eight years of our favorite Soccar game, the event runs from June 28 to July 12. Here’s everything you need to know about the Birthday Ball event.

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All Rocket League Birthday Ball Event Challenges and Rewards

Rocket League Birthday Ball 2023 Event Challenge Rewards
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Event Challenges

As expected, all of the challenges listed below must be completed during the Birthday Ball 2023 event and between June 28 and July 12.

  • Get 5 First Touches in Online Matches
  • Get 20 Shots on Goal in Online Matches
  • Hit the ball 50 times
  • Get 10 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches
  • Hold the other team to 0 Goals in an Online Match
  • Play 20 Online Matches
  • Play 7 Online Matches
  • Earn 35,000 XP
  • Win 8 Online Matches
  • Get 30 Centers or Clears
  • Get a Goal and a Win in 5 Online Matches
  • Win 10 Online Matches

Birthday Ball Challenge Rewards

  • 8th Birthday Crown Player Banner
  • 8th Birthday Avatar Border
  • Golden Egg ’23 
    • You can earn up to five to unlock items from Champions Series 1-4.
  • Hemi Birthday Player Anthem 
  • Black and white Waned Flame Boost
  • Black and white Waned Flame Trail
  • Up to 300 Free Credits

Limited Time Modes

  • Super Cube: A 3v3 party game that transforms the Rocket Ball into a cube. Available July 28 through July 5.
  • Beach Ball: A 2v2 sandy party game that transforms the ball into a beach ball and alters its physics to curve through the air when you hit it. Available July 5 through July 12.

Birthday Ball Item Shop Specials

Rocket League Birthday Ball 2023 Event Guide Noire Cake Topper
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  • Titanium White Fennec (800 Credits): June 28 – July 5
  • Storm Watch: Noire Decal (2000 Credits): June 28 – July 1
  • Huntress Formal Fennec Decal (300 Credits): July 2 – July 3
  • Startrack: Noire Boost (400 Credits): July 4 – July 5
  • Battle-Cars Anniversary Cake: Noire Topper (200 Credits): July 6 – July 7
  • Cupcake Anniversary: Noire Antenna (300 Credits): July 7 – July 8
  • Party Time: Noire Goal Explosion (2000 Credits): July 10 – July 11

New Item Car Show Shop Tab

The Car Show Item shop returns with 10 painted cars available for purchase from June 28 to July 5, with the Grey Octane vehicle included this Birthday Ball season. Week two of the Birthday Ball item shop will feature ten more painted cars, with the exotic Gold Dominus included.

That’s it for this year’s Rocket League Birthday Ball event. We hope you have a blast celebrating in style! Check out our Rocket League guides hub for more tips and tricks for the arena.

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