Want to scope out an area before building a base or keep track of hostiles? Here's how you get access to Rust CCTV cameras.

Rust CCTV Cameras: All Codes and Locations

Want to scope out an area before building a base or keep track of hostiles? Here's how you get access to Rust CCTV cameras.
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Rust is about protecting what you own, and that becomes all the more important as you expand your base. With more to lose, taking your time and being cautious is at the heart of the experience. This is where hidden Rust CCTV cameras come into play.

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Rust CCTV cameras are dotted around most Monuments scattered across each server. With a bird’s eye (and more importantly safe) view of your planned destinations, you can plan ahead or completely avoid certain areas if you see some hostile-looking teams milling around.

While accessing these CCTV cameras is relatively simple, there are a couple of steps you’ll need to follow to get your vantage point in Rust.

How to Make a Rust Computer Station

If you want to spy on those rival clans, you’ll need to get yourself a Computer Station. To craft one, a blueprint is needed, as the Computer Station is not an automatically learned blueprint in Rust Console Edition. You’ll need to search for both a computer station and craft or locate a Research table.  

On top of learning its blueprint, a Computer Station will require some scavenging; a number of resources are necessary to fabricate it. You’ll need to craft yourself a Level 2 workbench, which comes as a default blueprint in your crafting menu.

Once you have a Level 2 workbench, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 75x Scrap
  • 1x RF Broadcaster
  • 1x RF Receiver
  • 5x High-Quality Metal
  • 1x Targeting Computer

There is no definitive way to find most of the needed supplies, however, scrap, receivers, and broadcasters will typically be found in various containers across the map. Some of the higher value materials, such as a targeting computer, may require risky ventures to helicopter crash sites and airdrops, and high-quality metal can be collected using a mining quarry.

Alternatively, if you have scrap to spare, a computer station can also be purchased at the Outpost for 300 scrap.

Once you have all the required resources, fabricate your own Computer Station in your base, and this will bring you to the next step of accessing the server’s CCTV cameras.

How to Access the CCTV

Before you do anything with your new Computer Station, you’ll need to produce an energy source to power it. A simple turbine, solar panel, or small generator will do the trick.

Now that you have a Computer Station set up and powered, you have to set up your own ID. Selecting the Set ID command, you can create a password for your CCTV account, which you will actually have to keep a note of, as it will now be needed to access your Computer Station’s CCTV network. This extra security measure ensures that other snooping players won’t be able to look through your cameras.

With your ID created, you’ll be treated to a blank screen, with a text box simply stating, “Identifiers to add.” This is where each of Rust’s CCTV cameras require a unique passcode. Simply entering a camera’s passcode will grant you access, meaning it will now be readily available from your Computer Station.

Rust CCTV Codes and Locations

To access any of the cameras scattered across the entire server, simply enter any of the codes below:



Bandit Camp



  • DOME1

Large Oil Rig


Oil Rig




Monument locations vary between each server, so if any of the above codes do not work, it simply means that that location is not in your server. However, with these codes, you will be able to scout out some of the most dangerous locations on the map. 

How to Make Your Own CCTV Cameras

As well as monitoring monument locations, a Computer Station allows you to use your own Rust CCTV cameras. However, these are a bit harder to come across. You’ll need to spot yourself an Elite Military Loot Crate to find a camera, which has been known to turn up at Launch Site, Military Tunnel, and Oil Rig. As well as locating the crate you’ll need to collect the following materials:

  • 1x Wire Tool
  • 1x Splitter
  • 1x Switch

Once they are set up – and be sure to face them in the best position – linking your cameras to the Computer Station will enable you to monitor the perimeters of your base from the safety of the indoors.

While Rust CCTV cameras can be a lot of work to secure, they provide an added element of safety to your set up, meaning that gathering and building can be a lot more stress-free. Now that you have the knowledge on how to craft them and the codes for each of those on any particular server, you’ll be at least a little bit safer. 

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