Rust Guide: How to Make Your First Weapon

Your first step to surviving in Rust will be to craft your very first weapon and tool, the stone hatchet or stone pickaxe.

The rock is every Rust player’s trusty friend, at least for a while after spawn. Everyone starts with a rock on their toolbar, which is used to work up to the more effective stone hatchet and stone pickaxe. Both aren’t just tools, they can be used as lethal weapons.

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The rock can be used as a weapon and to gather resources such as wood and stone early on, but you’re going to want to move on to bigger and better things as soon as you can to survive the wilds and players of Rust.

You’re going to want to make a stone hatchet and stone pickaxe sooner rather than later, which your trusty rock will come in handy for. Let’s go into how.

Rust: How to Make a Stone Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe

The rock can be used to both mining and wood gathering early on, and you’ll want to get your hands on as much stone and wood as you can.

The stone hatchet requires 200 wood and 100 stones to craft. The stone pickaxe also requires 200 wood and 100 stones to craft.

Rust: How to Get Wood

You need wood for all sorts of things in Rust, and getting it is easy enough even with the rock.

Left click on trees or even logs and branches on the ground with the rock in your hand to gather wood. You can also pick up tree stumps to add some wood to your inventory.

Rust: How to Get Stones

Gathering stones is a little different from gathering wood. There are stone nodes are scattered across the landscape and can be hit with the rock to gather stones, and you can also pick rocks up off the ground to add stones to your inventory.

Once you have enough of each resource for one or both of the tools, you can simply open the crafting menu to create your own stone hatchet and / or stone pickaxe. As stated, these are both valuable weapons as well as tools early on and will serve you well, but you’ll soon want to move up to the regular hatchet and pickaxe for an easier time.

And that is how you get your first weapon(s) and tools in Rust. If you found this guide useful, check out our other Rust guides here on GameSkinny.

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