The Grappling Hook is the first Metroidvania-style upgrade you'll find in Salt and Sanctuary. Here's where to get it.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Find the Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is the first Metroidvania-style upgrade you'll find in Salt and Sanctuary. Here's where to get it.
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Navigating Salt and Sacrifice requires several upgrades found throughout the world. The first one you’ll need is the Grappling Hook, and once you have it, the game starts to open up.

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Thankfully, you don’t have to travel far to find and start using this first tool. We’ll cover exactly where to go to find it.

How to Find the Grappling Hook in Salt and Sacrifice

Starting from the initial spawn point in Ashbourne Village, head left until you reach a branch in the path. Deal with the enemies in your way, then run into the lower doorway.

Going below will put you into Root-Ceil Cavern. This area is filled with skeleton enemies, archers, and bats. At its bottom is a heavily armed and armored knight who will put you in the ground faster than you can blink the first time you meet him.

Rather than going to the left any farther, head to the bottom right of the room. If you meet the green knight, you’ve gone too far down, so keep right until you reach another doorway.

Head through to reach the Greymoss Mire. You’ll become intimately familiar with this area, as you’ll need to beat Uryks Necklace-of-Ears to make it through, and there are at least two Mage fights in this area.

Once you beat Uryks, there’s only one more path you can take: the lower right cave entrance.

Inside this green-lit cavern, follow the one-way path down. At the bottom of the cavern, you’ll find a long-dead Inquisitor. Loot his corpse for the Grappling Hook.

With the Grappling Hook in hand, you can now latch onto the many shining grapple points around the map with the right trigger. You need to be jumping and within range of the grapple point for it to activate, but the activation distance is pretty generous.

If you aren’t headed in the right direction, let the full grapple animation play, turn your character in midair and use the Hook again. You’ll latch on in the new direction. You can chain grapples by repeatedly pressing the button, and you’ll need to for some of the long gaps.

That’s how to find the Grappling Hook in Salt and Sacrifice. Check out our review of the game if you’re looking to learn more about it.

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