Negate any and all damage when you learn how to parry in Salt and Sacrifice with the help of this guide.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Parry

Negate any and all damage when you learn how to parry in Salt and Sacrifice with the help of this guide.

Parrying is a staple mechanic in Souls-likes, and Salt and Sacrifice keep the tradition alive, providing the ability to parry with any weapon capable of guarding. However, successful parries in this game function a little differently than other titles in the genre. We’ll cover it all right here.

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How to Parry in Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice’s 2D aesthetic makes parrying both easier and harder, as enemies don’t take up as much space on the screen, and their animations can only be so complex. The parry window is thus a little bit wider to compensate. It’s not easy but is entirely doable.

To parry in Salt and Sacrificepress the Guard button just before the attack makes contact. Doing so negates damage entirely rather than reducing it by a percentage. Successful parries also heavily reduce the stamina cost of blocking an attack. Even with a good shield, you can use up to a third of your stamina bar tanking stronger attacks.

Know that every attack that can be parried in Salt and Sacrifice has a different window where the parry connects. If you miss the timing, you’ll still guard the attack, but you’ll take the full stamina damage and health damage.

If your parry succeeds enough times, you’ll put the enemy off balance, opening them up for a critical attack or at least a few free hits. The same can be done by breaking an enemy’s guard if they have one — Press B or Circle for the critical hit.

Most boss enemies, especially Mages, can’t be parried, but their attacks can be perfect blocked. The effect is the same and is a solid alternative to dodge rolling through their attacks. You will need to be extra mindful of your stamina consumption against bosses, as their attacks damage both health and stamina. If your green bar is empty, it will take a second or two to start refilling, leaving you vulnerable for at least a single hit.

As we discussed in our review of Salt and Sacrifice, getting hit even once can lead to a series of hits, especially if you get launched into the air. Higher tier armor and weapons offer some solution; with them equipped, you’ll deal much more damage but take less as well. Unless you’ve leveled up far beyond the expected level for an area, every boss and mob will have at least a few chances to kill you.

Knowing how to parry is just another defense against the enemies standing in your way. Check out our Salt and Sacrifice guides hub for tips on how to survive.

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