It's not immediately obvious how to sprint and how to craft on the go in Salt and Sacrifice. Find out how to do both in this guide.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Sprint and Craft on the Go

It's not immediately obvious how to sprint and how to craft on the go in Salt and Sacrifice. Find out how to do both in this guide.
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With all the Souls-likes out there, even something as simple as how to sprint can be a head scratcher for newcomers to Salt and Sacrifice.

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Few Souls-likes control the same way. Dark Souls and its siblings tend to move butting mapping around from game to game, with Elden Ring needing to rewrite some of its inputs because of the addition of the jump button. Nioh, thanks to its bevy of combat options, controls almost nothing like a traditional Souls game.

Salt and Sacrifice has a similar control issue. If you’re coming from any other Souls-like, the control scheme will be incredibly foreign, and your muscle memory will need time to relearn everything. This is especially the case with the game’s on-the-go crafting. In this guide, we’ll cover both how to sprint and crafting on the go.

How to Sprint in Salt and Sacrifice

Sprinting only takes a single button press and how to sprint follows rules you’re likely familiar with if you’re a veteran Souls player. The input, however, isn’t used in any other game in the genre. Rather than holding down the B or Circle button, you press down on the left stick to sprint.

Sprint is set to toggle, so you don’t need to hold the stick down, but pressing it again does not stop the sprint either. Instead, you need to stop moving entirely, jump, roll, or clamber onto a platform to end the animation.

Sprinting drains your Stamina fairly quickly but doesn’t seem affected too much by your equip load the same way rolling is. You will stop sprinting when your Stamina runs out, of course.

How to Craft on the Go in Salt and Sacrifice

Thrown weapons — axes, daggers, and the like — are available from the beginning of your time in Salt and Sacrifice. They’re not an infinite resource, however. You need Irona Ore to craft them, and they’ll automatically craft every time you rest and resupply at an Obelisk.

If you’re out in the field and are running low on thrown weapons, simply hold B or Circle for the on-the-go crafting window to pop up. You can only create one piece of ammunition at a time, and you’ll be carrying more than a dozen even early in the game. If you don’t know where the next Obelisk is, or are otherwise in need of more thrown weapons, find a safe spot and craft some.

Be aware that crafting ammo takes about five seconds per unit, so you’re unlikely to do it during a boss fight. However, once you kill a Mage, they become roaming world bosses, so it’s more feasible to craft while fight them then.

You cannot craft healing flasks or other consumable thrown items on your hotbar. You need to rest and resupply at an Obelisk to get those back, and the game will automatically spend the materials from your inventory or stash.

And that’s how to sprint and how to craft craft on the go in Salt and Sacrifice. Not the most obvious of mechanics to use or find, but it wouldn’t be a proper Souls-like without some arcane controls scheme hidden in it.

We covered the first hidden movement upgrade in our Grappling Hook guide, and see our Salt and Sacrifice review for an extended opinion on the game.

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