Sea of Stars: All Correct Answers to Question Pack 1

Question pack 1's answers are based on the beginning of Sea of Stars.

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Underneath the locked shed in Lucent is a hidden entertainment venue featuring a quiz show filled with trivia about Sea of Stars itself. Play the game and you can win a variety of treasures. Some of the questions can throw you for a loop, but we’re here to help you get the best reward possible. These are all question pack 1 answers in Sea of Stars.

All Correct Answers to Question Pack 1 in Sea of Stars

You’ll find a strange pot while exploring the Lucent shed. Interacting with it reveals a creature who wants to play a sort of game (cue Saw music). Thankfully, selecting yes doesn’t send you to a torture chamber. It does send you to a game show stage, though. The pot is actually the Quiz Master and host of this underground entertainment.

The Quiz Master has a variety of questions to ask you, separated into two difficulties: casual and expert. The only difference between the two is expert has more trivia to answer than in casual. Each of them gives a reward for correctly answering questions. At the beginning you only have the first question pack, but you can find more as you adventure.

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All Correct Answers to Question Pack 1

  • Without any equipment, how much MP is recovered from a regular attack?
    • Answer: 3
  • True or False: Rochevres can be found in the Forbidden Cavern.
    • Answer: False
  • To “use magic without using magic” is to do what, exactly?
    • Answer: Use live mana to boost
  • What is the name of Zenith Academy’s training golem?
    • Answer: Wyrd
  • You are facing an enemy with two blunt locks and two sword locks. Which combo move can get you out of this situation?
    • Answer: Solstice Strike
  • What is the name of the spiritual being found at the top of Mountain Trail?
    • Answer: Elder Mist
  • Without any equipment, how much MP does Zale’s Sunball cost?
    • Answer: 8
  • On Evermist Island is a secluded village where Children of the Solstice are delivered. What is the name of that village?
    • Answer: Mooncradle
  • When is Valere’s Birthday?
    • Answer: Winter Solstice
  • True or False: Boosting regenerates MP.
    • Answer: False
  • When is Zale’s Birthday?
    • Answer: Summer Solstice

Those are all the question pack 1 answers in Sea of Stars. For other question pack answers, how to defeat bosses, or what to do with Rainbow Conches, head to our expanding guide section.

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