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Sea of Stars: How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent

The locked shed in Lucent holds many secrets in Sea of Stars. Here's how to open it.

When you first arrive in Lucent in Sea of Stars, one of the children will tell you that the shed is locked. It seems like a secret is hidden in the shed, potentially connected to the laughter near the river heard by another child in the town. You’ll need to do a few things to get inside, as well as progress the story a bit. Here’s how to get into the locked shed in Lucent in Sea of Stars.

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How to Get Into the Locked Shed in Lucent in Sea of Stars

Lucent is a gloomy town laden with the horrors inflicted by the Dweller of Woe. Among the townspeople, however, is a man who states there’s a ghost hanging on out the west side of the area. This ghost holds the key to the shed, which is why no one can find it.

Heading towards the opposite side of town you may stop at the brick wall near the garden. You’ll need to climb up and over it, then follow the path north to reach the ghost. He’s pacing around the top of a series of ledges on the left side of this area.

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How to Get the Turbo Cookie

Chatting with the ghost reveals that he’s been searching for a Turbo Cookie. There’s one in Lucent, but he doesn’t know where it is. Where you need to go can only be reached with a Graplou, so you need to have explored the Necromancer Romaya’s estate and the grounds surrounding it before you can get it.

Once you have the Graplou, head to the bridge that connects most of the town with the locked shed. On the northern side of the bridge is a small ledge you can climb on. Follow the grapple posts until you end up on the roof of The First Stage of Grief. Along the way you’ll see two potato plants and a chest containing Obsidian Ore.

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Go through the darkened door under the steeple of the inn. Inside you’ll find a chest which contains the Turbo Cookie.

Fight the Ghost

Give the cookie to the ghost, who becomes rejuvenated after eating it. Filled with energy, he prepares to launch an evil reign of terror by attacking your party. He’s not exceptionally hard to beat with only 114 HP, but he can start off combat by concentrating on a skill. He’s resistant to physical damage, but weak to Moon magic.

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Once he’s defeated you want to search the little grave on the left side of this hilltop, which contains the key to the shed. Go back across town to unlock and explore the shed. It connects to an old mansion that contains a variety of treasures.

That’s how to get into the locked shed in Lucent in Sea of Stars. A small side quest with interesting rewards, getting into the shed unlocks another minigame at the bottom of the mansion. For more on that, as well as other Sea of Stars walkthroughs, check out our guide hub.

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