Sea of Stars: How to Beat the Chromatic Apparition

The Chromatic Apparition is the defender of the Abandoned Wizard's Lab in Sea of Stars.

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The Chromatic Apparition stands in the way of you finding the Coin of Undeath Accord in Sea of Stars. The final boss of the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab, it’s a tough opponent to beat. With high damage attacks, resistances that change, and the ability to summon a construct, this boss was definitely created by a wizard. This is how to beat the Chromatic Apparition in Sea of Stars.

How to Beat the Chromatic Apparition in Sea of Stars

The Chromatic Apparition is found in the purple void of the white light portal. It has the ability to Shapeshift between two forms, each with their own resistances, vulnerabilities, and attacks. While I don’t have the specific number for its health, I had hit 734 damage when I defeated it. So it’s a long battle if you aren’t hitting its vulnerabilities.

First Form

The first form you see when you battle the Chromatic Apparition is the larger form with arms. This version is vulnerable to pure magic damage, such as Sunball. Skills that combine physical attacks and magic will deal regular damage. It’s resistant to physical attacks, even those boosted with Live Mana, though the damage increase still occurs.

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It attacks with a giant fist that squishes your character. The move has a wind up which makes it pretty easy to block. It can also summon a small Crystal Tulip construct. This will instantly start concentrating on its turn. It’s resistant to all damage, but breaking the locks will destroy it. If you don’t succeed in getting rid of the locks in time, it casts Detonate. This attack deals massive damage to a single character, often leaving them with one HP.

Second Form

This is the deadlier manifestation of the Chromatic Apparition. The wrappings that previously made up its arms now protect the core as well as whip around it. Unlike the other version, this one is vulnerable to physical attacks. This is the perfect time to charge up your energy for when it Shapeshifts again.

Its main attack is to summon orbs that it fires at a single target. Unblocked I’ve seen it do over 80 damage, which can easily KO a fully healed character at this level depending on how you leveled them up. Blocking these orbs is harder than the giant fist of its other form, and you need to block all three waves. If you’re already injured not blocking all of them can still result in that character going down.

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If you don’t break all its locks, it will cast Arcane Singularity. This move sucks in all characters to deal damage, though it’s far less deadly than its regular orb attack. This is still a blockable attack, with the moment coming right before your team hits the ground.

That’s how to defeat the Chromatic Apparition in Sea of Stars. Keeping track of which form is vulnerable to what damage, as well as having high health or healing items on hand, is the key to winning this battle. For more boss walkthroughs, how to play the various mini games, or what to do with the Rainbow Conch, check out the rest of our Sea of Stars guides in our vault.

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