Sea of Stars: How to Defeat One and Three

One and Three are formidable followers of the Fleshmancer in Sea of Stars.

Standing in the way of the Fleshmancer and his followers brings a certain kind of danger to the party in Sea of Stars. The kind of danger that occurs when ambushed from a portal. It can happen anytime or anywhere. Such is the case when One and Three interrupt the adventure with the goal of ending your party members lives. Here’s how to stay alive and defeat One and Three in Sea of Stars.

How to Defeat One and Three in Sea of Stars

While we don’t know much about One and Three, we do know they can pack a punch when they team up. The battle is fairly straight forward, with typical attacks from both of your enemies. Neither of them are vulnerable or resistant to any type of damage, which helps when it comes to balancing skills and attacks.

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Things change, however, when One starts to concentrate. If you try to break the locks with a boosted physical attack, they will parry and counterattack. On general they inflicted around 16 damage per counterattack. This wastes the turn, which puts One closer to launching their skill, V-Attack. While it’s One’s skill, Three is the actual assailant, cutting into the two outer party members. If one of the outer characters is down, Three will only attack the other outer person.

To break One’s locks, you need to use a skill or combo. They can’t counter skills, only basic or boosted hits. Saving your energy throughout this fight will keep your team healthier throughout it. Both of your enemies basic attacks are easy to block so the only threat comes from V-Attack.

Focusing One from the start of the battle is the easiest way to beat the duo. They’re the only one that uses a skill and Three seems to have less health. When you bring One down, the fight is just about over. Three will keep attacking, but they don’t do anything special as a saving grace to win.

That’s how to beat One and Three in Sea of Stars. Members of the Fleshmancer’s devout, your sworn to take them out. This is the easiest way to achieve that. For other walkthroughs, like how to play Wheels or fish, check out our growing Sea of Stars guide library.

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