Sea of Stars: How to Defeat the Botanical Horror

You'll need more than pesticide to defeat the Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars.

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The Fleshmancer’s Botanical Horror is a guardian to the Dweller of Woe, it stalks the garden of a formerly glorious mansion. Sending its vines out, its evil seeps through the mansion and nearby woods. Not only do you need to solve a hedge maze to get to it, you also need to solve how to kill it. This is how to defeat the Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars.

How to Defeat the Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars

When facing off against the Botanical Horror you’ll initially notice it’s not a single target boss. Not only do you have the main bulb, but there are four eyestalks that you can also attack. The two upper stalks start concentrating as soon as the battle starts, while the lower two employ physical attacks.

The main tactic you have to keep in mind in this fight is that the Botanical Horror will not take damage as long as the eyestalks are alive. Taking out all four stalks is the only way to hurt the main body, which is what actually counts when it comes to killing this boss.

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The top eyestalks have 105 HP, while the bottom two have 88 HP. They are vulnerable to magic damage, including boosted physical attacks. If you’re unable to break the locks, the top stalks use Quill, which drops stones from the sky twice. This can attack the same person or two people, so be prepared to have it hit any character on your team. The bottom stalks attack through the ground, punching someone from underneath.

When the eyestalks are all down, the Botanical Horror gets a turn countdown. It will start taking damage, so use this opening to lay into it. Like the eyestalks, it’s also vulnerable to magic damage and boosted attacks. The caveat is that you want to spend a turn using Sera’i’s Disorient to delay the Botanical Horror’s turn. This is due to the fact that when it can act, it heals its top stalks for 63 health and bottom stalks for 53 health. It can’t be damaged again and you have to kill off the stalks. Delaying its turn gives you a bit more time to chunk it down or heal up your party.

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I ended up dealing a total of 638 damage to the Botanical Horror when it finally died, which doesn’t include any damage dealt to its vines. I only did Disorient once during the fight, so it was much longer than necessary as the eyestalks were healed about four times. Less beefy than the Chromatic Apparition, its damage nullification mechanic makes it a tricky foe to take down.

That’s how to defeat the Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars. For other boss walkthroughs, how to fish, or what to do with Rainbow Conches, check out the rest of our guides.

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