Sea of Stars: How to Get the Mistral Bracelet

The Mistral Bracelet is a necessary tool to make it through a variety of puzzles in Sea of Stars.

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The Mistral Bracelet is a tool that allows you to harness wind power in Sea of Stars. It’s obtained in the Wind Tunnel Mines at the Stonemason’s Outpost on Sleeper Island, and it allows you to push objects using a gust of air. Its pushing power grants you access to Malkomud, the boss of the mine. Here’s how to get the Mistral Bracelet in Sea of Stars.

How to get the Mistral Bracelet in Sea of Stars

After the Elder Molekin has departed from the Wind Tunnel Mines, you’ll need to jump down the lift shaft to make progress towards the Mistral Bracelet. Defeat the enemies off on the left side after you land to explore the room unimpeded. With victory accomplished, grab the treasure to the right of the ladder and then climb on up.

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The next step is to walk across the tightrope. You can go over the ledge to the right, but it currently doesn’t do anything. Don’t jump off the right side of the platform once you’re across the rope. Instead go south to go through the exit.

Outside, you should jump across the gap to the right and then go up the stairs. Ascend that ladder, then jump off the platform to the opening. This brings you back inside the mine. Collect the ingredients then head up the ladder to the right. Climb the rock wall, jump over the gap, walk the tight rope, and scale another rock wall to end up at a camp spot.

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Leap off the ledge to the right of the camp area, then clamber up the small rock section to the ledge with a lantern. Enter the room to find a massive treasure chest, which holds the Mistral Bracelet. This isn’t an equippable item, but a tool that you can always use no matter who’s leading the party. Now, you can move all the green crystal pillars along the grooves in the ground to solve puzzles and obtain treasure.

That’s how to get the Mistral Bracelet in Sea of Stars. If you’re struggling with the Wind Tunnel Mines puzzle, we have the solution for you, as well as how to beat Malkomud. We also have other boss walkthroughs, what to do with Rainbow Conch shells and more in our Sea of Stars guide vault.

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