Sea of Stars: How to Beat Malkomud

Malkomud is the Molekin boss in the Wind Tunnels Mine in Sea of Stars.

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When you enter the Stonemason’s Outpost on Sleeper Island for the first time in Sea of Stars, you’ll be greeted with Molekin saying Malkomud has doomed them all. A wind wizard with considerable power, he’s taken over the mine and clogged the wind tunnels. You’ll need to get those tunnels unclogged and the mage dealt with to push forward. Here’s how to beat Malkomud in Sea of Stars.

How to Beat Malkomud in Sea of Stars

You’ll be facing Malkomud after opening the Wind Tunnel door. He’s claimed this area as his fort and resides there with his pet, a Salamander familiar. He’s upset that you hurt Rockie and won’t listen to reason, so you’ll need to fight him off.

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Malkomud is resistant to magic, most likely due to his own innate magical abilities. He’s vulnerable, however, to physical attacks. Using Valere’s Crescent Arc doesn’t result in reduced damage due to it’s bludgeoning nature. Not breaking this boss’ locks means he attacks you with his shovel after launching himself through the ground.

You’ve already faced, and beaten, Rockie once. Now you need to do it again. She’s vulnerable to boosted attacks and Solstice magic, so you want to use that when focusing it. This combos well with physically attacking Malkomud, then using the Live Mana to boost an attack by Valare or Zale to attack it. Rockie’s skill is Salamanger, where she chomps on a character then spits them out at someone else, dealing damage to both party members.

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When Malkomud gets low on health, he’ll launch himself onto the back of his Salamander and turns into Malkomount. His normal attack is a sweeping shovel arc that hits all of the party. Making sure all members are healed up with Garl’s Nourish, Zale’s Healing Light, or the combo move Mending Light will ensure this hit doesn’t take anyone out.

His skill, Geobress, causes Rockie to spit crystals at a character. Since he’s riding her, you’ll want to focus on magic damage and boosted attacks, as her health is what you need to deplete. You’ll notice the end of the battle is close when she sticks her tongue out of her mouth.

Once you’ve defeated the pair Garl will speak with Malkomud, allowing him to keep his fort as long as the tunnels aren’t blocked. He also tries to have the little Molekin make peace with the villagers, though that seems to be a long road.

That’s how to defeat Malkomud in Sea of Stars. With the lifts working, you can return to the Stonemason’s Outpost and continue on to Brisk. For more battle walkthroughs, how to play Wheels, or who all the playable characters are, check out our guide library.

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