Sea of Stars Relics Explained: How to Get and Use Them

Relics are important items in Sea of Stars. Here's what you need to know about them.

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Relics are found throughout Sea of Stars and can drastically change the way the game is played. From altering the difficulty to allowing you to automatically hit enemies an extra time, these items can make or break your success. Here’s how to get and use Relics in Sea of Stars.

How to Get Relics

You start Sea of Stars with two Relics:

  • Amulet of Storytelling: Max HP +100% and auto-heal after combat.
  • Sequent Flare: Successfully timing hits and blocks causes a star flare to fly out of the character for a clear-as-day confirmation that the input was properly timed. Recommended for those preferring stronger feedback, or while closing in on the master of certain moves.

Afterward, you can obtain more of these artifacts by:

  • Buying them at Vendors.
  • Finding them in Chests.
  • Exchanging Rainbow Conch Shells.
  • As rewards from NPCs.
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I found the most frequent way to get new Relics was simply buying them. They are denoted with a gold icon, with either a red or blue gem in the center. Rare Relics, however, can be obtained by collecting enough Rainbow Conches later in the game.

How to Use Relics

There are a variety of uses for Relics in Sea of Stars, most notably to adjust the difficulty of the game through various means. Blue ones will make the game easier, while red ones make it harder. You can find your list of obtained items in your inventory in their own tab at the bottom of the menu.

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Relics must be turned on from the menu to work. If you don’t like a Relic’s effect, you can return to the menu and turn it off. Each artifact has a description here, too, so you can get an idea of what it does before activating it. Be sure to check here often because some will be enabled by default when you get them. I always check my list after any additions to see how they work and make adjustments.

That’s relics explained in Sea of Stars, including how to get and use them. While a straightforward concept, they can alter your gameplay significantly. For more on Sea of Stars, check out the rest of our game guides.

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