Sea of Stars: What to do with Rainbow Conch Shells

A Rainbow Conch shell can be found in many places in Sea of Stars, but what is it actually used for?

Rainbow Conch shells are found throughout the world of Sea of Stars. Listed under the quest items, it appears to have no actual use. With multiple conches able to be found, and stacked in your inventory, what is its purpose? Here’s what to do with Rainbow Conch shells in Sea of Stars.

What to do with Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars

Rainbow Conch sells are a collectible item with a single purpose: to be traded with Mirna, the owner of Mirna’s Market of Marvels in Doccari Village. She’s an enterprising kid with a passion for the shells.

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Rainbow Conch Rewards

In return for Rainbow Conches, she’ll give you rare loot. Her rewards list doesn’t specifically say what she gives you, but she did mention Relics, and building plans for Mirth. This list will be updated as I find and turn in more.

  • 4 Shells: Inn Plans
  • 11 Shells: Cornucopia
  • 19 Shells: Something transactional
  • 22 Shells: Something bountiful
  • 27 Shells: Something shrewd
  • 35 Shells: Something healthy
  • 39 Shells: Something relaxing
  • 47 Shells: Something potent
  • 60 Shells: Something meta
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In addition to the rewards you can get from Mirna, finding all the shells in the game for her will earn you the Conch Master achievement.

How to Find Rainbow Conches

Rainbow Conches are hidden in chests across the various locations. Most of these chests are hard to find, require you to complete some sort of puzzle, or are difficult to reach. Other times, NPCs may give you a Rainbow Conch for talking with them or completing a task.

That’s what to do with Rainbow Conch shells in Sea of Stars. Located throughout all the islands, you’ll need to check every nook and cranny to find the. Collect them all for a plethora of items as well as an achievement. For other guides, such as boss walkthroughs, what Relics are, or how to play Wheels, check out our guide vault.

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